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  1. Thanks.


    So do people think this is dumb or something? I think it's actually kind of a great compromise. It basically just adds a new skill you have to learn to stay off radar, which adds some risk vs. reward.



    Just out of curiosity (I'm at work so I can't test this myself), how fast can you get going with the crouch jumping? Does your speed top out or do you just slowly accelerate to higher and higher speeds?

    Depending on what you land on either a slope or downwards stairs I've over taken people sprinting but still off the radar.

  2. It was posted in the meta thread awhile back.


    Yeah I was aware that people knew about this but since the crouching speed update recently I've noticed how much better is has become.


    Yeah the mechanics of this concept have been known for a while, but the applications have begun to become popularized very recently. 


    Radar preservation also includes Crouching before a Clamber and Crouching when flying through the air after a Slide Boost; both will prevent you from showing up on radar.


    Myself and @@aPK call it "Ghosting"


    I can see why you'd call it ghosting. I just thought about bunny hop since it's similar movement wise to CS.


    I'm super intrigued, but can't see the videos - can you get them on oddshot or something?


    I've added the original xboxdvr clips so it should show now.

  3. Just did a mock-bracket, here's what I had:




    -XMen are just XMen, pretty much a lock to qualify at this point.

    -Warriors/Movement/Dinosaurs it gets a bit trickier, they could all beat each other. Would have to see gametypes before making an accurate judgement.

    -Deception get a pretty tough bracket having to play Dinosaurs then one of Movement/Warriors so they are pretty much out, unless something magical happens.

    -The rest essentially fill in the gaps in the bracket, would be a massive upset if anyone outside of Xmen, Warriors, Movement or Dinos qualify.



    Hoping ESL have a stream prepared for this one although nothings been announced. PS @@Onset and I have near identical predictions, we're so in sync  :fire:


    I do reckon that Deception 'horrid name with horrid memories' can possibly shock Dinosaurs but I agree with the top 4.

  4. I like static because it gives the losing team a fair chance to come back in a fight if they play the engagement perfect.


    I also love how the EU community berate my opinions when they don't even know game mechanics 90% of the time.



    Just to clear things up;


    1. Hope you didn't construe my tweets as berating your opinion. It's pretty tough to get a point across in 140 characters so I think you might have gotten the wrong end of the stick. Everyone's got an opinion (except mine is always right)


    2. I hope you don't consider my opinion as the 'EU community', I am but only a single man. I'm sure there are plenty who would agree/disagree with you in the EU comm too don't read too much into it  :simms:



    FYI outsiders: My argument to Batchford was that moving powerups to static-timer weapon pads would essentially make timing anything in Halo extinct. Batchfords argument was that static timers were used in H1, so it's been done before. Both valid arugments! (except mine is right and batchys wrong)


    What Harry said. Don't attempt to label a difference of opinion from one or few members of a community as the entirety of a community. Attempting to suggest that members of the EU scene who have been around way longer than you have don't know 'game mechanics' with a sure percentage of '90%' is also wrong.


    It's understandable you were dropped via a stork in the wrong train car and you didn't end up in America. But please don't disrespect an entire community because someone challenges (correctly) your opinion. EU isn't a large place. It's best not to attack the scene. Despite knowing how tragic your attitude is towards EU Halo there's still no need to be highly disrespectful.


    Feel free to bitch about it to whoever privately and talk negatively about the subject or even moi. Really not arsed  :lxthul: just don't be getting too big for your boots and attempt to give the EU community a bad name.


    EDIT :: Seen your reply to Harrold. Still. The opinion of a few is hardly the opinion of the majority. There's good in debate just don't shit on your doorstep. 

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  5. Didn't DIG ruin your career (goose) hence why you haven't played since?


    I wouldn't let a single game against one of the best teams in Europe at the time affect my mentality towards a game. You must have me confused with someone who just attended their first LAN.  :simms: 


    Not that you care but naturally I kept playing after Gfinity and after DIG lost to Millennium at EMEA we entered the Plantonics cup to then beat Millennium in the tournament. I felt that was a decent time to sit back and take a break. It is only EU Halo after all and there's no massive reason to play until season 2 starts/EU Pro League (unless obviously you want to hit the ground running but the game is broken as can be but that's another issue entirely).


    End of the day you got 1 kill against a top team despite you're great individual performances online. Regardless of how confident you were preLAN people could say you indeed choked and couldn't hack the pressure. You did lose to a makeshift team which had Epsilons coach on it who only had about a weeks amount of practice together. Whereas your team (who are all sound fellas might I add) had almost two months practice and shouldn't have lost to anyone bar the only other full team there being Epsilon.


    I along with 99% of people in this/the EU community don't care. It's something that happened and it'll get brought up from time to time between now and your last LAN but that's it. It doesn't define you and despite you having one of the worst attitudes I've ever witnessed I know it won't bother you that much. I applaud your efforts as a team and for attending your first LAN event. I'm happy you placed alright and I hope you come back and stick with attending events. That's what community and Halo is all about. The chat was going off in your guys series the most because it was entertaining. People get stick and get teased by good friends never mind team mates.


    Don't get salty amigo. It's just the Halo life.  :halo:

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  6. He's every bit as Scottish as I imagined.


    Missing the kilt, though.

    He's barely even Scottish though.  :wutface:



    Watching i57 you realise how far ahead jimbo is on the EU curve. He just drops overs, and killing frenzies on the kids they are playing every game. It's mad.



    I hope you realise that there are a lot of teams missing. Ideally from Gfinity there's Infused, Vibe, xL in terms of top 4 along with fabE, Millennium (who beat Vibe at EMEAs) and other top 5-8 teams that have not attended this event. Naturally a top player will slay most top 8/12 teams. This event in no way a representation of Jimbo or Epsilons skill against the rest of Europe. As always I'm just keeping you informed. Never any hatred.   :simms:

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  7. Step 1:

    Team Arena to conclude only official game type and map combinations .


    Step 2:

    Remove storm rifle and SMG from this playlist.


    Step 3:

    Re-balance the pistol vs. rifles. Either buff the pistol or make the rifles harder to shoot with advantages only in long range combat. Remove the assault rifle headshot bonus. 


    Step 4:

    Improve the hitboxes while thrusting and remove or reduce significantly the melee magnetism and spartan charge magnetism. 


    Step 5: 

    Consider adding 1-2 forge maps to the rotation and adjust the current maps in forge. Example: Block the maze-area entirely on Coliseum to make sniper side less cluttered and more predictable. 


    My favourite post so far. So many important points.


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