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  1. I'm pretty sure those booths are sound proof. I wonder if Ace felt the walls and tables vibrating from the sheer volume coming from the opposite booth.
  2. Everyone remember to wish @@TheSimms a happy birthday today.
  3. Was nice to see an EU team take a series off a decent American line up. Last time I remember that was Power beating Str8 back in Halo 3 at MLG. I'm aware RNG have only been a team of around two weeks. Whereas Epsilon have been a team since H2A and have attended 6+ events together. Looking forward to seeing them meet another very practiced team.
  4. Only posted the tweet since it wouldn't let me post the image
  5. Ninja doing the Walshy http://oddshot.tv/shot/halo-2016012905436121
  6. To be fair Penta aren't rated as a top four team in the European scene as a whole. A lot of people were crying out for Dignitas to be there along with Infused. Two teams with far more success and knowledge on the game. I reckon later games in the group against not so top seeded teams will give a fairer representation as to how EU teams stack against the NA scene.
  7. Since Epsilon is the Worlds best hope outside of America it'll be an interesting weekend. But regardless of the results they need to just use all of it as experience for when they attend HWC later on. Personally think they'll struggle against the top teams from the US but it's practically a PreLAN for them. Game one for them will be a true test.
  8. Let's all just have a nice pint and wait for all of this to blow over. @@LethuL
  9. Hello there! I'm Adam but known as Az is the gaming world to those who know me. I'm a Scottish and labeled European competitive Halo player. Been attending events since Halo 3 and every Halo since. Recently attended UKs biggest gaming festival for the Halo 5 tournament. I know many familiar European faces personally. Such as Wonderboy, Simms and many others that have graced the states over time. I've made an effort to use this site since Haloforum.eu is practically a lost cause and I like being involved with an active community. I make content/videos from EU scrims against top European teams (don't snigger they're not all terrible) along with recent rebroadcasts from events. Not to mention a bunch of event montages are on my YouTube page. All that nonsense in is my signature if you're curious. But yeah I'll be around for a while. Looking forward to seeing what characters exist on this site.
  10. Everyone should really get in here. The finals is when the proper German teams turn up since the scene is smaller than the UKs. Also who doesn't want to see some of this in between games. Join for gold pack gold skin gatherings as the event continues http://www.twitch.tv/esl_halo
  11. I know. It's straight from the rebroadcast. When it cuts to the casters the fps is fine. Sadly the actual capturing of the game play wasn't 60fps.
  12. UKs biggest gaming festival was last weekend and it held a Halo 5 tournament there. There was a few series shown and streamed on Twitch. I have uploaded each full series from bracket play for your enjoyment. Feel free to browse and see which teams played. Winner Bracket Round 1 Barrage v Riot Winner Bracket Round 2 Epsilon v Infused Loser Bracket Round 1 Riot v Rift Loser Bracket Round 2 Rift v Infused Loser Bracket Round 2 Viperio v Omni (Will edit Losers Finals and Winners Finals tomorrow)
  13. True but by watching each other it's quick and easier more than ever to pick up on how to play the game. Not saying it'll be easy but there's a chance. Hardly unreal. Behave lad :ghost: To say the connection is doable is very silly to say. The dedicated servers usually and mostly always favours American servers over Europeans. This issue has been brought up multiple times over reddit and twitter about one American and 7 Europeans to have the server located in the states. Whoever has the server on their continent has the advantage. Dedicated servers doesn't change connection issues. But I understand why Americans will more than likely not scrim Europeans or the RoW until they qualify for worlds. Yeah Power managed to place 10th back in Halo 3. Now with modern technology and streams it's possible for other places to watch better teams and get better. Took our lot three years to touch American pro teams. That's exactly the problem we all face as Europeans. There's tons of talent over here. Sadly it's just too difficult to compete with Americans when the connection for example at the moment heavily favours America. In an ideal world we could have LANs all the time or even a hyper connection. Until then the biggest pool of talent and better competition will always sit with NA. I was just curious to see if anyone actually gave the EU teams a chance. I'm not talking EG or top tier against our best. More where the EU teams could realistically place.
  14. This seems like the right place. Any ideas of how the rest of the world will compete against NA teams? Such as UK's Epsilon/Infused etc?

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