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  1. It was sitting at second top of trends on Sunday. Swear down. Edit - Just realised I have it set to tailored trends.
  2. I agree that Immunity were proper fighting tooth and nail in every game. They surprised me since I wasn't informed on how they were doing prior to WC. Especially when one of their players had a hand injury and got replaced last minute? You could say that Epsilon had the 'easiest' group if you could call it that out of the other EU/AUS/SA teams. I still feel like Infused were hard done by for winning EMEA but getting an on fire Renegades squad and a still very experienced EG. Whereas Epsilon got CLG who didn't seem that bothered in groups and Cloud 9 who were very disorganised. But credit is due. Epsilon gave a lot of players outside America hope as did a lot of other teams outside of NA. The gap isn't as huge as first feared. Although still large in terms of lesser EU teams. Just shows that with over 6+ events and over 12+ months together you can achieve great things. I hope if there's another HWC that we continue to see involvement and competition from outside NA. There was a rough average of 35k on Friday-Saturday. Jumping up and down between breaks and teams not playing or getting knocked out. I saw 65k on the Sunday but apparently it had peaked for the finals at around 95k. Give or take involvement from Summit screen capping (not hosting) and a lack of view able numbers from the Twitch app on X1? Didn't the Ace and Pistola 1v1 for $1 million get more?
  3. I hope for the rest of the World sake that we find out more information about this much talked about Pro League. I really hope the rumours of it being restricted to North America are not true. It would ultimately end a lot of involvement from EU and it's pretty weak already due to other unresolved issues. Don't dolla block and region lock. It would just be too much
  4. Can the winner of HWC please put this in their sig multiple times
  5. When you need to message the addy dealer because he hasn't turned for your team up yet
  6. Me just waiting for Snipedown to go positive and win the game like
  7. What happens when you're screen watching at the wrong moment...
  8. Soon https://twitter.com/Exertus_Az/status/701482704701943809
  9. Can confirm witnessing the guilt in that act. That pump shotgun celebration though
  10. If only America would give @@Wonderboy, @ and @@Gaskin a shot. They're much more in depth as analysts since they've placed well at events. Simms is great for hype. Would just be nice to see the other guys given an equal chance since they've all worked very hard to aid the Halo call.
  11. As it stands and if Infused win this game it'll be 1st - Infused 2nd - xL 3rd/4th - Epsilon/Fabe There was random seeding into the bracket from pool play. Infused and Epsilon shouldn't have played each other in the semi finals but it's the same format as the Gfinity UK finals. XL are a success story but Jimbo and most Europeans know realistically it should have been Epsilon and Infused in the final. https://twitter.com/Epsilon_Jimbo/status/696410677427249153
  12. Fight for top 4 over at EMEA has just kicked off over on http://www.twitch.tv/halo 1st $20,000 2nd $10,000 3rd $5,000 4th $5,000 Excel vs FabE just started
  13. That horrid moment when you leave FabE to join Dignitas and end up getting knocked out while FabE remains in the tournament and could qualify for Halo World Championships.
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