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  1. Wonderboy finally went back to his OG tag and finally went back to competing?
  2. Congratulations to FabE! Nobody even came close to them this event there's such a tremendous gap. Took long enough but EU finally has the best four players all on the same team. Haven't seen that since Power went to America.
  3. Imagining the side chat during the Fabe v Str8 series
  4. @@TheSimms browsing this thread looking for new talent and topics for discussion like
  5. Faster than crouch walking and depending on the angle of what you land on you can move faster than jogging. I noticed @@RyaNoob made a video today about it Coincidence?
  6. Depending on what you land on either a slope or downwards stairs I've over taken people sprinting but still off the radar.
  7. Yeah I was aware that people knew about this but since the crouching speed update recently I've noticed how much better is has become. I can see why you'd call it ghosting. I just thought about bunny hop since it's similar movement wise to CS. I've added the original xboxdvr clips so it should show now.
  8. Title was meant to say Invisible radar bunny hopping in Halo 5. New radar META? Hello all, this may already be known among many of yourselves or perhaps this is new to you. Regardless I thought I would share what I've discovered to everyone. With the recent update of increasing crouch speed I have been messing around with it. As you know crouching removes you off the radar completely unless you shoot or move faster than a certain speed. People use to walk in Halo 5 as it did the same job. With the current settings with increased speed if you jump into a crouch and hold it down and then jump as soon as you hit the ground you build momentum. Just a little bit. If you keep repeating it you will gather even more speed. You won't fly across the map or anything silly but sometimes depending on the flatness of a map you will move way faster than you would jogging and even better you're off the radar. Completely. Until you shoot or thrust etc. I've got a few examples shown below. All you need to do is look at the radar in the bottom left. The white arrow shows you appearing on radar. When it's gone you're invisible. I've also added the enemy POV so you can see what it's like. Enemy radar My radar Sliding with bunny hop Moving around with bunny hop I'm also an old school Halo competitive player at heart. Seeing this just makes me want to remove radar completely. Not that everyone will but imagine everyone in a game bunny hopping around the map and fighting. It would make radar almost useless. But that's another story. Hope you enjoyed.
  9. Just heard about crouching being sped up. Couldn't resist my idea of the thought process at 343.
  10. I do reckon that Deception 'horrid name with horrid memories' can possibly shock Dinosaurs but I agree with the top 4.
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