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  1. If I was optic I wouldnt want to travel to vegas while also traveling to chicago either.
  2. LoL vs Optic in the finals to cap off the craziest season yet, I'm calling it now.
  3. I'd like to see optic stay together and work to get better. Not having to go through team changes and apg being healthy I think would give them a slight advantage over some of these new formed teams, atleast early on in the season. And confirmed it with the doctor who delivered APG,he was in fact dropped on his birthday.
  4. plus the fact they've been playing together already for x amount of months. Even if flame could find someone better than maniac it doesn't mean they will be familiar with each other in game enough to be the better option
  5. what a series. @Lxthul MVP for making this happen. Congrates EG on the gold
  6. the only way this could be better was if there were more than 10 people in the crowd
  7. I would have been fine with a replay, but it just sounds like a cop out to me. Day 2 during the biggest match and it's the first time someone didn't have the right settings? :shrugs
  8. A winter storm knocked my shit out for 3 days like 3 weeks ago, i know your pain, have a +rep
  9. Can't be optic because he said he will be at x games regardless if he plays with new team or forced to play with eg
  10. Anyone else "unable to connect to the lobby service"?
  11. Only ended up playing 1 game last night, 99 shots fired with pistol, 98 shots fired with plasma caster fknlol
  12. After booting up for the first time im literally stuck in halo 5. dont know what is up
  13. soo... the games good enough to make him seek a solution rather than give up on the game? Edit:
  14. If we dont get a "This Is HALO!" from @@TheSimms sometime during this stream ill be very disappoint.
  15. For anyone unaware, next episode of HTT will be out Monday instead of the usual Tuesday release.
  16. To me the watchability is equal to preseason football. Get real excited when it's coming up but then after a few minutes I get bored because there's not alot of the playbook being used.
  17. Do we have any news on if the next episode is the finale? If it is I don't see them going from how they left off last week all the way back to bring up petrovsky. I hope they do though because maybe then there is hope for ben
  18. I'll watch a stream if @@TheSimms or @@LethuL get a copy
  19. @@MrTummyTumms (regarding the post in H5 discussion) They haven't done a follow up on wether or not patrosky was in on it all along or if oni did pressure him to betray ben. Part of the story left untold to keep us wondering. I don't think he was in on it from the start personally though, but it's just gut feeling
  20. Next week's hunt the truth will be out on Monday 11 am :intel Edit: mobile woes
  21. If they are giving pros early copies make it fair and only give them to OG since they don't practice anyways

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