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  1. R05i3 (with a zero) Evenings mostly, daytime when working from home Diamond/onyx, looking to run arena or customs
  2. Sorry if this has been posted, but is it still possible to grab tickets for this weekend? A couple buddies of mine live in Columbus and were curious
  3. Can we get some ProX scores and predictions before X Games?
  4. I heard Cratos steals money from the collection baskets at church.
  5. Wow Optic. Still trying to understand what happened but that was huge.
  6. Easily the worst arena map. They took the good components of plaza and removed them. Lots of hallways and camping.
  7. So is overgrown supposed to be a remake of plaza? Or does it just feel like 50% of the map is identical and they took some features out?
  8. Will be testing this later. The unexplainable lag has made the launch pretty frustrating for me.
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