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  1. Exactly what I was worried about. No team can compete with CLG. Something big needs to happen for next season, watching CLG dominate isn't fun.
  2. I just want to say, so glad 343 decided to go with the Halo music in between games. Much more enjoyable than that music they use to play...
  3. I'm so glad these teams have actually showed up for this tourney. I was worried for Renegades leading up to this, but if they play this well for the next few days, I could easily see them going to finals. Good stuff
  4. Sorry if I'm out of the loop, why do people dislike Cratos? Haven't been following Allegiance much
  5. Yeah I don't think that's true... In all gameplay I've seen, you still show on the radar if you aren't sprinting/thrusting/shooting. That only applies if you have Active Camo, otherwise you're always on the radar unless you are not/slowly moving.
  6. None of the new maps, huh? The only problem I saw with them was that they had some giant spaces and spawns weren't great. However I think they could have easily fixed the maps. I'm assuming that Beaver Creek remake that was shown off in the H2A Forge demo was just for show and tell? If not, it looked really good, shame they didn't work on that.
  7. I need to go to the store but I don't want to take my eyes off this stream
  8. I think GB made some good points. However, Warlord Ricochet is seriously a thing? I haven't seen anyone try Shrine Ricochet, which is what I think they should be testing. I can't even fathom how stupid Warlord Ricochet is. Obviously 343i wants to advertise their gametype, that's why they want you guys to play it. However, a tournament isn't the time to test new gametypes, especially something as mediocre (as the gt stands) as Ricochet. Ricochet doesn't work in H2A... The movement is slow, the TTK is slow, the respawns are slow. On top of that, they choose the smallest map to play.. Ricochet would have potential in H5 with the faster movement and TTK, but H5 isn't here yet. What ever happened to the gametypes that 343i seemed to just forget about? Dominion, Extraction, Regicide... Hell, team Regicide would be interesting to see played competitively.
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