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  1. I just wish t2 Halo teams would get as hyped as GoW players :C
  2. Just thought I'd stop by and say why OpTic picking up Luke TheNotable makes eons more sense than them picking up a Halo team. Halo pros make next to no content, very few create personalities for themselves that can be used to build histories, rivalries etc., about 2 stream and to top it off HCS viewership is really not great atm. Luke makes frequent, high viewed content and has a large fanbase. OpTic always have been, and still are a content focused organisation above all else, and at a time when Halo pros make practically nothing and HCS viewership is low, there's absolutely no reason for them to have a team, compared to a content creator who ticks all the necessary boxes. That, and since the Infinite take over they're clearly trying to expand their content team and broaden their horizons, which imo is a good thing ultimately, as long as they don't lose sight of their esports origins. Now... Time to wait for the DM to become OpTic's first lore-based content creator...
  3. 5 eventful years... Been hear since the start and never leaving, this place is my escape when shit goes down in the Halo world lmao
  4. Something else to add to the list of the many many things enhanced mobility breaks in Halo
  5. kb+m, feels so damn natural I don't think I can ever go back to controller
  6. I find it incredibly depressing that we have the best map creation tools in the entire industry, besides maybe Farcry, and yet we're not using a single thing made using them apart from 2 small walls on Coliseum lmao
  7. At the very least we need some Forge maps for H5. The settings we're playing now have objectively less variety than what we had on launch. Over the game's lifespan you'd expect the settings to get more deep and varied, and the polar opposite has happened. We neeeeeeeeeeeeeed something new
  8. Been trying to post this on plane Wi-Fi for ages but holy shit Team Team Beyond is kind of a thing now, please tell me I can buy a TOX jersey at the event
  9. Not really. The tweet was worded really bad but I think stopping someone who's one of the most integral parts of competitive Halo history from casting over 1 tweet is just a little bit extreme. Just a *little* bit
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