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  1. LG - Ronin happening off stream https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ynJOVgaReWGR
  2. First champs bracket match involving NA teams is off stream.... ??
  3. Dang. Obviously in the minority here but I still vastly prefer watching Ninj stream H5 than h1z1/pubg. Been a Ninja sub for over 2 years and have watched him stream maybe 2-3 times in the last couple months. Will still be rooting for him, but may be time to let my sub run out.
  4. I would have been fine with ESL not allowing LG to sub at all this week if Victory actually was willing and able to play. Actually would have been happy with that decision. But approving the sub request, then making LG forfeit today's matches bc Ninja didn't add an "es" to match just seems ridiculously petty. It almost seems like they saw some of the backlash on twitter for allowing the sub yesterday, then tried to make up with it this ruling. Just comes off kinda pathetic. If Ninja said something along the lines of "Ryanoob will be subbing in our pro league match this week," and ESL legitimately thought he just meant one match, why would they not respond with "which match?" Snakebite even said earlier that ESL made them confirm multiple times which ones they wanted to use a sub.
  5. This whole thing is weird. This Twitter thread makes it seem like Victory wanted to play but knew that LG was planning on playing without him anyways. I wonder if Victory's tweet last night that said something like "I will be playing tomorrow :)" was bc he wanted to make it clear that he was available to play and that LG would be breaking rules by playing without him. If LG couldn't play with aPG who is joining them soon, I don't understand why they wouldn't just go ahead and play with Victory?
  6. LG (w/ aPG) are currently scrimming nV, series tied 2-2 right now.
  7. I apologize if this has been said/discussed, trying to catch up, but is the only pro team Str8 has played so far LG and EG??
  8. LOL. i wanna watch a replay of that, it did look like a ghost melee watching it live
  9. Feels like Ninja has won 90% of his 1v1's tonight, scary when he's playing like this.
  10. Are they? I suppose maybe LG has scrimmed more as a team with them. I think this was LG's 4th scrim. But OG players have been playing 8's constantly on the new settings for a while now. Either way, encouraging for LG. I was watching Frosty's stream and it seemed like LG players were winning a ton of their 1v1's, just based on kill feed and callouts. OG was joking about LG being in the honeymoon phase.
  11. Watching this LG scrim on the new settings. I know this has been said but its actually crazy how much more fun this is to watch. So many crazy close up pistol battles, more reversals, more plays being made.
  12. I wish I still lived in Tennessee--really cool state imo. Nashville and Chattanooga are awesome. OT: Been really enjoying these pro 8's testing the new settings, so much more enjoyable to watch with no autos.
  13. Well that lasted long, lol. Tripppey back to LG? He was playing with them tonight. Wonder if LG will be running with anyone else other than him and Monster. Seems like you would actually need to scrim some pro teams to get a good feel for the fit, all I've seen LG do is run MM.
  14. Frosty just said on stream that the new settings will be pretty much whatever the pros want, and he sounded pretty sure that ARs would be removed as a starting weapon.
  15. Anyone know what Ninja and LG's plans are? Ninj Saiyan and Spartan ran together several nights in a row early last week, but unless I've missed it ninja hasn't played halo for like 4 days. And spartan is now with CP. I don't really watch when he's streaming h1z1 and whatever this new game is, does anyone who does watch know if he's discussed halo plans?
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