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  1. Ninja's right about everything in the video, except for his confusion about the event being the same weekend as Twitch Con.

    The event is at Dreamhack Denver. It's not some Burbank, CA event ESL scheduled for the Twitch Con weekend.

    I think his thoughts are more along the lines of Twitchcon being one of the most attended events of the year. So when people have to choose between going to Twitchcon or Dreamhack Denver, the obvious choice is Twitchcon. I don't think he was upset that the HCS tournament wasn't at Twitchcon, he's upset because it's on the exact same dates as Twitchcon.


    It'd be like having the college football championship game in Cali (on CBS), but having 2 other crappy teams play in a bowl game in Denver on the same night (on ESPN 2).

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  2. After playing only a few games of the new playlist I have learned that

    1) I am able to shit on kids now. I know super modest right.

    2) The pistol needs more ammo. I've ran out multiple times already and there's nothing worse that running around the map with no ammo whatsoever. 

    3) Although the other teams have become much worse (which i anticipated), so have the people that I've gotten on my team (did not think about)

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  3. After watching the entire Halo 3 tournament until the end last night, I had a thought. 


    I realized how long and complicated objective games were. I could be completely wrong on this, but the diversity of gametypes (CTF, Oddball, and KOTH) plus the length of games and complexity really made an objective game differentiate from a slayer game. An issue with H5 is that objective gametypes (IMO) feel like a slayer with an objective and slayers end up as stand offs due to the game being so fast teams try to slow it down. 


    In H3, objective gametypes were more like a chess match rather than just trying to outslay your opponents. This allowed certain players who might not have been the best slayers but smart players to stand out.


    I'm not saying H5 doesn't have this at all, but it is extremely limited compared to H3. 

    I think the weapons have a lot to do with it as well. I know I've already gotten 100 notifications about the Ace BR tweet but it does play a big roll. In halo 3 you could spot a player across the map, but you could only call him out or maybe spray and get one or two bullets on him. In halo 5 if you see a player across map it is easy to put a few shots in him with the pistol and he can be an easy kill if you have a BR or Carbine. Because of this map movement becomes the entire game. Gun skill is great but if you aren't communicating and working as a team of four to get across map and put team shots into players/ block spawns/ and protect the person with the objective, you will end up losing the game. 


    Also, fellow TB members, don't take this as me trying to argue for weaker weapons in H5. Just pointing out the difference.

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