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  1. That specific hoodie is no longer available. But they have others at http://shop.optic.tv
  2. Lethul said they had to wait until SOME of the contracts expired. So I'm guessing those who were there earlier probably had their contracts expire and those who joined later got bought out.
  3. E6 is holding his family hostage until Stellur wins them a championship
  4. They switched from astro to turtle beach... I'm assuming for money. They were the team to unveil, and are the only team sponsored by brisk mate. Pretty big for a gaming org. They had a 3? month sponsorship with Turtle Wax. A car company sponsored a gaming org. Again huge. Gymshark... well let's be honest, gymshark is just awesome. Scuf is the best controllers in the game. Everyone wants a scuf. And lootcrate is meh but they've been there since day one.
  5. I'm just happy that I can finally cheer for an OpTic roster that isn't going to change every other day
  6. This could possibly set up a situation where Lethul, Maniac, and Formal are all living in the same house... BtH
  7. it is when the speed limit is 55 on all non major highways and you have to slow down to 30 every 15 minutes for small towns. Not everyone is blessed with interstates.
  8. Yeah I live in northwest Illinois and every time I tell someone where I live they say "oh so by Chicago." That's what makes me tilt haha
  9. I'm from Illinois so I cringe when people say everything is near Chicago lol. The EG house is in Normal Illinois which is 139 miles from "Chicago." And RoyBox I believe live in Champaign, which is 134 miles away from "Chicago." BUT Champaign is only 53 miles away from Normal, so it would be more likely that 2/4 would be at the team house during matches, along with Towey. Also Ninja is from Lake Villa Illinois which is another 52 miles north of "Chicago," making his trip 171 miles.
  10. I could see formal joining Flamesword's team. CoD has some off time, done with bo3, and he's said in Hecz's vlog that he would love to play halo. Seems like a good opportunity for him. A man can dream.
  11. Sooo...... Is the CoD Champs prize pool as life changing as the HWC?
  12. Is anyone else watching the main channel for CoD Champs? This is such high quality production. Jumping from stream to stream with no down time at all. If there is down time it goes back to the commentators desk and doesn't just go to ads and montages. It's nice to get to see all of the games instead of watching one game on stream and the other through periscope...
  13. The thing that really grinds my gears is that he says that other top teams are making moves, but they aren't because they are a lower seed and nobody is reaching out to them..... LIKE WAKE UP. IF YOU ARE A LOWER SEED YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO REACH OUT TO OTHER PLAYERS. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO REACH OUT TO YOU.
  14. I'm confused... is this sarcasm? They sleep all day and stay up all night. Maniac doesn't even wake up until 3 in the afternoon.

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