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  1. If Ninja wasn't already tilted that blank shotgun sure did the job.
  2. S/O to these teams for getting right into the next game. No down time at all makes for a very entertaining stream.
  3. Let's see what happens when you guys can't blame Maniac anymore lol
  4. So what do you west coast people do after pro league is over? I mean it's only like 8 or 9 o'clock for you. Do you just go to bed early orrrr?
  5. You should not tilt when you find out that you have to score 50 instead of 14. You should say screw this, we are going to score 100. Use it as fuel for the fire. The mindset of a player should not change based on what the final score needs to be. You have to be relentless regardless. But seriously. In a situation like that there shouldn't even be a replay. EG should have just been given the win.
  6. I played sports and I now coach football. When the refs throw a bad flag, or don't throw a flag at all it can completely shift the momentum of the game. When that happens you have two options. You can fight back and get back to where you were supposed to be, or you can cry and beat yourself up over it, and let the other team ride that momentum. And trust me, it is very easy to cry about how bad the refs were, but in the end it all comes down to how you respond and bounce back.
  7. gotta be mentally strong. It could have been handled better but to blame tilting on 343/esl/whoever is just....
  8. Honestly. If they would have played it by any other rules the outcome would have been the same. EG went full tilt.
  9. It is an individual issue that everyone on the east coast/midwest has to go through. As a community all we talk about is growing the scene and how much viewership we can get during the live streams. Viewership includes many people that still have bedtimes set by parents, or school or work that they put as their first priority. And if it is based on the players, how many players are there out of the 32 that live on the west coast AND have school or work that would interfere with making their match on time?
  10. until they fail school or get fired from work for being unproductive because of a lack of sleep.
  11. I guess I'm just going to fail all of my A.M. classes because of a lack of sleep... But at least those west coasters get to see the start of the stream
  12. To be fair whenever they ran this play in practice they never had the center snap the ball. So once they did it in the game nobody knew what was going on.
  13. Guys I'm vlog famous now. I'd like to thank my mom and dad and most importantly, Lethul, for pausing on my post for half of a second.
  14. Just watched the rebroadcast of the OpTic EG series... What the hell
  15. The conflict is either start before people on the west coast can watch/play... Or start so late that everyone else that's not on the west coast has to stay up, get 4 hours of sleep, and be unproductive for the entire next day. I think I'll take the dip in viewership for the first hour... It's not like the games start on time anyways...
  16. Just do the interview with some pride.. Like damn, you are giving people a reason to hate you.
  17. This is the closest thing they have right now. It's a "player hoodie." Pretty sure Scump wore this during champs. Sucks that you can't personalize them though. http://shop.optic.tv/optic-gaming-zip-hoodie

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