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  1. That's not saying much considering OpTic's website had Naded listed on the roster until the CLG team signing.
  2. I joined flameswords party and got goosed in one game so I guess you could say that I'm on my way to becoming a pro
  3. I don't think it would be too hard for casuals to figure out. Call of Duty uses a similar style of radar when a UAV isn't activated. People only show up on the map when shooting or thrust jumping. The same idea can go for only showing up when spartan abilities are being used. 343 would still get their radar but it would decrease the amount of sprinting and thrusting and encourage more walking.
  4. That is something I could get behind too. I just personally think that whenever we as a community don't like something we immediately cry and ask for it to be removed. Instead we should be making compromises like no AR starts but they are on the map, or radars but only when they are using spartan abilities. This keeps the core ideas of the new game, but make it more competitive at the same time.
  5. I mean, all you have to do is decrease the fire range. Just look at the AR in H2A. It does damage, but not enough for people to want to pick it up. It doesn't make it less skillful, it makes it less useful. Therefor eliminating itself from the game without having to completely remove it.
  6. oh. I'm in no way saying that those should be the setting in H5. The BR is way too powerful to be a starting weapon. I think that taking out radar would reduce sprint, abilities, thrusting, but would not eliminate them. I actually like thrusts and don't have a huge problem with sprint in H5. But autos really shouldn't be used. If they are used they should at least be extremely nerfed (suppressed maybe?) so that they don't have a huge effect on the game. Make it so that they are only effective from a foot or two away, not across map like the AR is now.
  7. Just catching up so this is kind of late, but. Wow. If they ever did come out with H3A and made it the competitive game of choice, seems like a lot of you guys would be extra about it. All of these no radar settings and having only BRs and no automatics would really just send you off a cliff. I liked halo 3, I thought it was competitive. Sure it had its flaws, but there has never been a video game that everyone has fully liked.
  8. I'M BACK BABY. I was busy with school for a pretty long time but I heard there was a storm a-brewin' and I wouldn't miss it for the world!
  9. When I live at home with my family we never go over 500 (which was our limit). Idk. When I got the email notification from Comcast that they were raising it to 1TB I literally laughed out loud because I thought it would be impossible to get anywhere near there.
  10. You guys are worried about using 1TB of data!? Slow down on the porn, jeez. I used like 300 a month and I played Xbox for 8 hours a day and watched YouTube videos simultaneously.
  11. So what we have now is a stream that shows the top 4 teams play for season champs. 5th/6th just sit at home and watch. And the first half of relegation had to be streamed on periscope... I'm not even going to mention the player aspect of this. This is completely a spectator/ outside view. As a spectator, who wants to watch months of online games to only have 1 day to watch actual competitive halo (LAN)? Who is going to buy tickets to go watch a LAN live if there are only a handful of games that they get to watch? What if your favorite team doesn't make either relegation or finals? It is very hard to grow the halo scene when there is very little halo being played on the biggest stage. Also when orgs look in at halo they are going to see that there are only 8 teams that are going to get any attention during the season. Then at the end of the season, the two last place orgs could be kicked out of pro league, two (5/6) orgs get no media attention because their players are sitting on a couch watching. So we are really left with 4 goods spots to be in. If an org is all about selling their brand the current halo setup is not going to entice them to pick up a team.
  12. It's all rigged so that LOL gets 5th or 6th so that they won't get the invite to the finals. Gotta have actual orgs showing up, that's how you make the money.
  13. Lunchbox and Ninja secretly switched accounts because they knew that everyone would give Ninja a bunch of undeserved crap for playing bad on hotel internet.
  14. That was actually a good interview with Cratos. It's like night and day from the last interview
  15. Seriously! I'm sitting her saying "what the hell are you.... Oh ok nevermind."

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