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  1. Has anyone ever thought of or brought up the idea of having worlds AND champs like CoD does? That way the best of the best get to compete for the biggest prize.
  2. Game is delayed as ESL finds out about the article written on them. Most likely looking for movable bleachers to bring over to mainstage so they can immediately begin to rebuild their reputation.
  3. I will not be satisfied until OpTic wins and while accepting the trophy Lethul grabs the Simms head and starts spinning it.
  4. Damn guys we must be close to the 80k views again. 20k when you add A+B streams on twitch. 300 from facebook... Yeah that's not a joke, it really is 300 for A+B streams combined. And then 59,700 live spectators...
  5. Don't you guys see!!! ESL is putting OpTic on side station because Hecz dropped the Str8 team. #Str8Gate
  6. Naded: "I'm in this for the long run. I want to be with OpTic no matter what."*10 minutes later* Naded: "I'm retiring from halo" *20 minutes later* Naded: "I'm still playing, join my team." Time exaggerated for dramatic effect.
  7. Did anyone else catch the moment when he was interviewing Simms and Simms mentioned liquid and he said "yeah with Ninja on that team you never know what might happen" Super cringed at that.
  8. Maybe MLG was right to have their sound proof booths + white noise headphones lol
  9. Ola handled that interview very well. It seemed like all of the questions were aimed toward starting beef with other teams and he did a really good just of backing away from the direct question and gave really solid general answers.
  10. A listen in with the French team. I'm​ Sure we'll really understand what they're trying to do
  11. Five guys burgers > portillos burgers. Portillos everything else > Five guys everything else. P.S. Lou Malnati's is overrated.
  12. With so many people learning that strafe it's weird that none of the pros are picking it up
  13. That viewership to average ratio for the LCQ tho. Seriously though, this is awesome.
  14. I found this good article? Blog? that someone posted on Facebook. Really good points being made about how we poorly present esports to those not involved. https://writinganovelthelongway.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/a-dog-in-the-fight-the-problem-with-esports-marketing/
  15. There were 4 beeps in the left ear an 2 in the right. If you think anything else you will need hearing aids and or surgery. I'm sorry it had to happen this way.
  16. Finally get to see the featured station! It's not a second channel, but it's a step in the right direction.
  17. I hear Maniac is still available. And claims he is saving the OpTic org.
  18. How can they not do a multi stream setup? Call of Duty does it all the time, they even have a C stream sometimes. There are enough casters to run an A and B stream at the same time, it can't be too hard to set up some capture cards for one more station, hell I'd be fine if it were just spectator mode.

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