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  1. So we don't want sprint... But we want to move as fast as sprint without sprinting? Someone please explain this to me.
  2. Idk man. They made CE remastered and h2 remastered. I can only pray that they continue with h3 remastered. It is the 10 year anniversary, which is when they released the other remastereds.
  3. I feel like the trophy is 343 subtly trying to send a message that halo Champaign is more important that the competitive scene.
  4. I'm on page 3. Which is the godliest number there is. Sooooo...... I was late to the party.... Balloons weren't flying high enough.
  5. Who do I have to pay to get on page 1? I have much gold.
  6. So halo 3 is no longer the easiest game to get a 50 in lol. Idk what the actual numbers are, and maybe it's because I always place in diamond or low onyx, but it seems like there are more people that are platinum or above than there are below. (The comment about people getting better over time so those who used to be "20-30" are now "40-50" is crap.) But if if is the same system why didn't they just keep the numbers? Is it really that important to mimic League of Legends? First "out of the box" settings and now the ranking system?
  7. I was going to suggest one flag on higher ground. But that works too
  8. If they don't release H3A can we just go back to H3 on 360s for a little bit?
  9. Hitmarkers or not I'm still going to spam grenades where i think the other players are going to be.
  10. "It's been an insane ride" really sounds like someone who's not coming back
  11. If it's going to happen it will happen with h3. Not h5. The guy needs to go out with a bang.
  12. INB4 H3A. Flame, Maniac, FiS, and Assault/Cloud Reclaim OpTic org. Win everything. Get taken down by a reformed team of Naded,snipedown,ola,and 2gre.
  13. OpTic vs NV has the potential to be a great series. For whatever reason Liquid just doesn't match up against OpTic as well as NV does, and it would have probably been a quick 4-0 had they won.
  14. Is that why CoD is going back to boots on the ground for their next game? Back to WWII? Maybe, just maybe, they heard the community complain enough about jetpacks that they actually listened and are going back to a game that the community actually want.
  15. I don't believe that MLG is the *only* organization that can save halo. They would definitely be a huge help, but I think that if halo allowed for other organizations like PGL to run a few tournaments, it would set the bar higher for ESL.
  16. https://twitter.com/MDoug71/status/846029552015020033 I think I might win
  17. I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not. It's really messing with my mind.
  18. I think the biggest difference between CoD and halo is that the Req packs for halo are primarily there for warzone. I think making it harder to get weapons for warzone would really turn off the casual community. (And let's face it, that's what 343 really cares about) The game then becomes a pay-to-win. However! I would not be against them selling packs where you would only get skins/armor. Treat them like the team packs or even like the limited edition packs that cost 100,000 req points to get.

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