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  1. Spartan said on his stream that after this he will never team or even be friends with ninja ever again.
  2. So I started playing some halo reach today because why not, it works, the 360 platform is better for gaming, and everyone that still plays have very little skill so it makes me feel good about my average skill level. That is when it occurred to me.... Halo 5 might be alot more like halo reach than the other halos. The only playlist that has people in it now is team slayer and everyone is always starting with AR/Pistol and are choosing sprint as their loadout. The pistol is probably the equivalent of the pistol that will be in H5 and although it is powerful close range, it take quite a few shot in the long range. If H5 is going to stick to small range maps than this is fine, but if they ever want to increase the size of the maps they may have to reconsider changing the starting weapons. I keep getting Asylum with AR/P and it just isn't fun at all.
  3. Lots of shots. A huge donator. And a lot of dancing... Not to mention a passed out Maniac lol
  4. Yes! I love lethul's stream too. And it seems like every other time I check twitch Chig is there. When halo first came out it seemed that ninja was the only one streaming (or at least that's what I watched) and now more pros are playing regularly and it is fun to see the different personalities out there.
  5. IMO lately Naded has had a more interactive and friendly stream. Every time I watch he is laughing and having fun, he is responding to questions from subs AND non subs, plus he has been playing a bunch of sub games. I just think Ninja is a little upset that some people like Naded more than him. Ninja doesn't play with his subs much if ever and at this point in time he switched his chat to subs only and is kicking Mods. He just doesn't seem like he's having fun streaming anymore. This is just an observation. I'm not trying to throw hate at anyone or call anyone out, but it just seems like the twitch tides are shifting.
  6. I'm thinking he is going to be part of the new Denial team
  7. It's a good thing that I'm not a pro because I would troll 100% of the time. If I were released by a team I could tweet anything and it would be team related. I could eat breakfast and tweet "fruit loops are the way to go" and everyone would be like oh my gosh is Kellogg's picking him up? Is he talking about teaming with some guy named fruit loops?
  8. I heard Mikwen talk about this and he said that things were good between them but that he would never team with Ninja again. He didn't like the way things were when he was on the team.
  9. I have been playing Halo for quite some time now. I started with halo 3 around 2007/2008. I'm a dedicated player but have never tried to team up and enter tournaments before. I've been watching the pros for a long time and know the game pretty well. I'm looking for a team/ players who know the game and have been playing for a while. I'm in school now so I'm almost always available every afternoon and night. As far as lans go I would only be able to go to places that are somewhat nearby. (I live in northwest Illinois and went to PGL Indy to watch, just as an example as to how far I would travel.) If anyone is interested please message me on either twitter or xbl @ SuperSaiyanDoug
  10. Am I the only one who isn't a huge fan of the scopes. I think if you are scoped in you shouldn't be able to see the rest of the map around the scope. It's not that big of a deal but it bugs me.
  11. Maybe im just a classic halo fan but i think a BR start would be better than a pistol. Every chance a player gets to pick up a BR they do. It has better range and I think people feel more comfortable with it in their hands.
  12. Halo 4 is not halo.It is more like a failed attempt at trying to copy call of duty.
  13. I think sprinting with the gun out would make it worse. As least with the animation it discourages people from sprinting as much. I think that is what the developers have in mind as an attempt to keep sprint in the game. I think they are just trying to find a way to dull it down so not everyone uses it. I like what they are doing with the shields not being able to charge until a person stops sprinting. But on the other hand if you get someone one shot and they start to sprint away it would be very tempting to just sprint and chase them down and kill them and lose all setup. I'm a huge fan of the movement of halo 3 MLG settings but at the same time i understand that they have to makes changes to fit along with the game.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the pistol 5 shots and the BR 4 shots?
  15. So. If I went and robbed a bank. BUT I didn't get caught, then it didn't happen? Well I know what I'm doing next weekend...
  16. So this happened to me today. Was searching with a friend in doubles. He was kicked right before the game started (because it's halo lol). And then this happened. I would also like to point out that the person that joined the game was not my friend that I had found the match with. It was a random person shot into my game like it was call of duty or destiny or something. Has this happened to anyone else?
  17. so i just wasted $25 on an adapter that they are going to give out for free? What are you going to tell me next, that you can get a $400 xbox one and a $60 game included for $350... well I'm glad I spent $500.
  18. It's like dragon ball z. "As Goku begins his fight with the villain we have to wonder, Will they defeat the enemy, will they save the planet? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!" *5 episodes later* "The villain has shown a new power, can Goku stand up to him? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z." And everyone will come back every single day to see if something actually happens.
  19. I think it was 5k a piece for Spartan and Shooter. Not exactly sure how much was asked for Ninja.
  20. A 20 year old kid gets a call and is told he can either go to school... OR play halo for a living. Is he really going to look over the contract or is he going to say hell yeah I want to play halo.
  21. I have nothing against the pistol. What I am concerned about, as well as many other people, is that there will be bigger maps released and people will veto/vote for them even if they have AR starts. I grew up playing halo 3 and one of the worst things was getting standoff, valhalla, or even snowbound with AR starts.I did play the H5 beta and will agree that the AR starts did work well with the maps that they provided but only because they were close range maps.
  22. This is how I feel about people who want AR starts. Don't force people to play a game type that they have no interest in playing. Wouldn't the most logical thing be to just have two different playlists? A team slayer and a team hardcore?

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