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  1. Basically just ripped off the call of duty radar. I'm sure very little thought went into it.
  2. It's going to be a new and improved 360 scuf controller. So we can go back and play Halo 3. Nah imagine.
  3. I was going to suggest a sarcastic approach where players would only use their ARs, spam grenades, and only pick up smgs or plasma rifles. But then I realized 343 would probably take it as a sign that the game needed more automatic weapons.
  4. Construct. I played halo 3 an unhealthy amount and played with MLG setting/maps all of the time but I could never get the hang of construct.
  5. 343 response: you have to choose one for aim being changed.1) add scope to pistol. 2) add scope to AR. 3) make an AR that locks on like the Hydra. We at 343 really think this would help with any aim issues.
  6. For some reason I thought that there was some rule made by 343 or Microsoft or something that made it impossible to run unsanctioned events. I was just using MLG as an example considering they are one of the biggest names.And they would definitely need some big name sponsors if they were concerned about losing money.
  7. Is there something in place where MLG just couldn't come in and host halo 3 tournaments. Like all of the pros agree to go back to h3 (or h2, just a suggestion) until 343 does something about h5 settings. It would also show 343 that MLG should have a hand in the competitive scene.
  8. Notice that those players complaining about no radar are almost exclusively players who became known beginning in H5.
  9. In Hecz's vlog today you can hear Hitch playing Halo 3 at 5:40.
  10. I think torque is pretty close to being a competitive map...
  11. The way I see it you have two options. You can 1) follow him OR 2) block him
  12. So while we are removing everything in the game. Can we talk about shotguns and scattershots because oh my god I hate those things.
  13. Did they change the timing on this recently? Because I've been doing this trick for a long time but these last few weeks I've been releasing it at what seems like the same time but it didn't go off and I end up dying.Idk maybe my muscle memory is just failing me.
  14. This video didn't really make mind changing points. Alot of them being, it wouldn't be the same because not as many people would play, or halo 3 on MCC was a disaster. When in reality of they made a working H3A I think the would be a huge increase in population. Also, H3 sucked on MCC because it wasn't their main focus. They made MCC mostly for H2A and blew it when they tried to add the rest of the games. Another point he makes is about how different halos made by 343 are, as if 343 would change H3A to be some Spartan ability game, which just wouldn't happen. Ever. Obviously H3A won't be exactly like H3, and it won't get the same response, but at the end of the day we would still be getting a new halo game that is actually halo.
  15. I made a comment on an ESL Halo post about the numbers and got this response: "Why would you complain about that if you're a fan of Halo or competitive halo esports?" That rubbed me even more the wrong way lol
  16. Vision was amazing. Love all of the behind the scene clips. I wish there was someone that would do this for every halo team. The halo doc is in good hands.
  17. Just when you think Frank saved halo...Do I have to post another clip of good will hunting today? The one about finally getting something and then getting rid of it so it won't get rid of you first?
  18. I guarantee Hitch will make an official halo doc, and Hecz will help in any way he can. What better look for his org than putting out an official movie that will be seen by millions.
  19. I totally get that one movement speed would be ideal. But I think that the speed of sprint would be too fast. Sword speed might be better. I don't think people realize how fast/hard it would be if everyone was in full sprint speed the whole time.
  20. Right. I wasn't trying to say actual Spartan charge, although looking at that now it seems like that exactly what I meant. I was just trying to say that there would be alot more melee kills. It wouldn't be as easy as a thrusting charge but people would still be running into each other like crazy.
  21. If base movement was increased to say what the sword is now I could see that working. But it would be way too chaotic if the base movement speed was as fast as sprint. It would be like a Spartan charge fest except you could shoot the whole time.

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