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  1. Dang. I missed the rent conversation this time around. I pay $0. I live with my parents. I'm 23. Fully living up to the stereotype of a gamer.
  2. I think his thoughts are more along the lines of Twitchcon being one of the most attended events of the year. So when people have to choose between going to Twitchcon or Dreamhack Denver, the obvious choice is Twitchcon. I don't think he was upset that the HCS tournament wasn't at Twitchcon, he's upset because it's on the exact same dates as Twitchcon. It'd be like having the college football championship game in Cali (on CBS), but having 2 other crappy teams play in a bowl game in Denver on the same night (on ESPN 2).
  3. I used to wear shorts under my shorts for a while when I was younger. BUT I had a good reason for it. I really liked to wear those "authentic college team basketball shorts" but they didn't have pockets, so I wore shorts with pockets underneath. I felt like a genius.
  4. With the way 343 announces things I could see H3A happening, but they don't even tell you about it. We'd just be walking down the isle at Walmart one day and catch it out of the corner of our eye and be like "wait, what the...." And there it would be. Just sitting in the game case next to Minecraft and Madden 16.
  5. These 360 games look awesome. When are they going to get to the Xbox one x games?
  6. Wow... I'm an idiot. I completely forgot cod's main stream was on MLG.tv. Carry on.
  7. On the plus side cod only has about 1,300 more viewers right now AND OpTic is currently playing.
  8. Off topic but relevant. No halo 6 at E3, but they are still going to have "something". http://m.ign.com/articles/2017/05/12/halo-6-wont-be-at-e3-2017
  9. Wait..... Halo Wars 2 has already been released? And it's been out for 2 months!? I haven't heard one thing about the game since the super repetitive ads that they played during LANs. (Which I apparently didn't pay too much attention to since I didn't know the release date)
  10. Probably from all of the donations from little kids who just want to see Spartan happy, and believe that giving him money is the way to do it.
  11. I think the saddest thing is that he doesn't realize that this person is going to make 70k every year for the rest of their life. Does he really think that halo/streaming can keep him at the 60k mark for the rest of his? So what if someone has debt, it will be paid off in a few years and then they will accumulate way more money than he probably will. If/when halo dies (or Spartan's professional career, which is almost there right now...), he will find himself in a pretty bad situation.
  12. In Hecz's vlog today he says that the documentary that they were working on was for Summons.... so it wasn't a halo doc... That just ruined my whole day.
  13. Big news as Naded joins OpTic nation with flamesword and Maniac. Turns out he was looking for something long-term and believes that he will be with the OpTic org for a long time.
  14. I feel like someone was just running and switched their DMR for the BR that spawns there and it flew into the crack.
  15. After playing only a few games of the new playlist I have learned that 1) I am able to shit on kids now. I know super modest right. 2) The pistol needs more ammo. I've ran out multiple times already and there's nothing worse that running around the map with no ammo whatsoever. 3) Although the other teams have become much worse (which i anticipated), so have the people that I've gotten on my team (did not think about)
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