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  1. Main Menu Lobby exactly like Reach with the list of Players on the side...etc
  2. It's just a matter of being a smart individual who can think and solve problems logically. Halo is a very logical game...this is going to sound harsh but if you are a dumb person then you will not be good at a logical game like Halo (no matter how many hours you've played). Maintaining a good shot is what really takes practice because it is the only physical part of the game, but it's not as important as being a smart player, after a while though you will have a good shot if you are dedicated to the game.
  3. Please don't reply to this, i'm just posting this as an advertisement. Off Topic: This is just a Re-Post from Drewski on another thread talking about No-Sprint. I think everyone needs to hear this and see it. I have been seeing too many people talking about "how to make Sprint work" and it's making us as a community look weak, if people keep talking about "how to make it work" then we will never get No-Sprint. We want No-Sprint so keep fighting for it until Halo 5! "The Anti sprint and descope argument will become irrelevant if and only if sprint and descope are removed from the core of halo gameplay. Until then i think we should keep discussing and spreading the word on the major negatives of sprint and descope to educate the general public of halo and to continue to let 343 know it is something we are very serious about."
  4. In Halo 4 Extraction is obviously better because of the broken KOTH settings. I don't really play Halo 4 so it's hard for me to comment on this but i think if an Extraction game type was in Halo 2/3 then it would be equally as good as KOTH. They both have similar play-styles (holding down the designated target) but i think if you were to compare differences in the two. I think KOTH is just a little bit better because it requires more consistent objective gameplay/more players to keep the target secure and gain points. Rather then arming something like an extraction for 5 seconds and just slaying for the rest of the time. Extraction can also have randomness like CTF with a sneaky flag, Extraction can have a sneaky arm (Obviously the less randomness the better). It's a shame we don't have a better variety of KOTH maps, i really love Splash (Forge Map) in Halo: Reach for KOTH, we need more maps like that which are only dedicated to KOTH like Onslaught was to CTF.
  5. Just got into Mirrors Edge, this game is really good
  6. Depends what game, i would originally say 4v4 but for Halo 4 i would say 2v2 just because having 8 people sprinting around the map is just a blood bath and almost impossible to have a sense of structure/balance/organization. 4v4 all the way though for Halo: CE/H2/H3/Halo: Reach (MLG v7)
  7. The Halo Community is full of pussies if you bow down to 343. Just like how 343 won't give us sprint, then we won't play the game, it's that simple...I haven't played Halo 4 in months and i don't plan on it until Halo 4 has no sprint. I usually don't care about making Halo 4 better an just leave that to you guys, but seeing all the fucking pussies on here, you guys need to grow some balls man. You guys make our community look weak. Stop trying to work with 343's bullshit. NS Sprint or No game.
  8. If your in the friend zone then you where a pussy with your first impression. If you want to bang the chick then make it be known!
  9. Seriously though...give up on the idea that "We can make the game work with sprint" STOP THAT SHIT...SERIOUSLY GUYS. IT WILL NEVER WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your not making the game any better, your only giving 343 what they want, and what 343 wants is a dumb game. Fight for no sprint! If you really love competitive Halo then you will fight for No Sprint until Halo 5!
  10. Why not just get rid of them for Throwdown, we shouldn't have to bow down to 343 just because they are the developers, unless they give us the better option that is no sprint i see no reason to try to make it work with sprint. This game fucking sucks... trying to make it work with the garbage that they give us is not gonna make the game any better, as long as this stuff that breaks the game is still in the game it will never get better. We have to make it known that NOBODY WANTS SPRINT/AA, SPRINT/AA IS POO POO. 343 STOP TRYING TO MAKE US WORK WITH YOUR GARBAGE ASS GAME, THERE IS A BETTER OPTION SO USE IT INSTEAD OF BEING SELFISH. NS
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