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  1. Guys, I've been trying to get into the program with no results. I want to stream and get hyped for this Atlanta 10k! How do I get this going?
  2. Who's going? Would love to see some OG's make it out. Being a former pro for Halo 3has me hyped to see where they are after this. Rumors say next year we will have Halo 3 tournaments for 4v4? Discuss!
  3. Anyone having issues with PubG, here are two things I found out: - I judt recently purchased the X. After playing for several months on the S, I can safely say that the One X DRASTICALLY improved the gameplay. Everything renders before touching down; gunfights are much smoother; frames seem to stay stagnant even in large rendering areas at around 45fps versus the 20-25 on the S. - Lastly, allow yourself to accomodate the right sensitivity. I found that increasing my upclose aiming (setting at 10 for general and over the shoulder hipfire as well) improved my shooting while putting my 2x and up scopes at 5/6. I would love to show some people if you all have time to drop by my streams. Mixer.com/Revamp_t1
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