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  1. Jesus christ. Its ******* like the one who made this thread who cure any doubt in 343s mind that maybe, just MAYBE, adding more garbage into the game isnt a bad idea. You know what, I dont even care, Halo is already ruined. The golden days are long gone, and the cancer reach kids have taken over... Its never going to be the same. Go ahead, suggest all the stupid ideas you want. Even good ideas are risky to leave in the hands of this "developer." Im waiting for a good console shooter to come along for me to transition to but that probably wont happen. The one good one never took off and got shut down. I see a PC in my future...long live what was :|
  2. I think you drew out the first clip way too long... About a minute too long to be exact. It made me almost not finish it, and discouraged me from wanting to watch any of the others. As for the first clip, it was pretty darn average. H2A is just really boring to me. Keep doing your thing though man
  3. I actually wasnt disrespecting him, I respectfully explained why i dont need people limiting me. If you arent responding to my thread as a person of interested, dont fucking post. Its a simple concept, bud. And I guarentee im more known than you. Not in this forum, but in the halo community as a whole. So who the fuck am I? Im one of the best amateur players in halo. I was a semi pro in h3. Im probably one of the top 25 h2c players on MCC. Who the fuck are you? You're a nobody lol, an absolute random. Hmu when you attend, let alone place. Too late for that. Now go finger ur asshole or something. Just fuck off and accept that you'll never be known or respected. You probably arent even an average player or editor. Lmfao
  4. Listen man, I get that you're trying to help, but I really dont need you to limit mine or anyones potential. And I absolutely dont need your basic ass advice. I've been in the Halo scene for a decade, I know how things work. I think you have a poor understanding just based off of what you said. Maybe you're new? To push out 1 video a week, be it a commentary, a 2 minute highlight video, or one of the other ideas I have...that is nothing. Single Youtubers do that on their own, while streaming and what not. This is a GROUP, and there are plenty of clips to go around. Years worth. My expectations and standards might seem unlikely for you, but thats why this is my team and not yours thanks anyway.
  5. Hey, you. We're going to do big things together. I am seeking an editor to team up with for a long term project. I'm starting a montage/clipping team. This group consists of myself, and a few of Halo's best montagers. Names will be released soon. I need an editor of middle-high skill who has a passion for editing Halo CE, Halo 2 Classic, and Halo 3 only. We are keeping extraordinarily high standards for our gameplay, and are in need of a capable editor. We'd like to push out 1 video a week minimum, while the first montage is being constructed behind the scenes. If you have a fair amount of editing experience, and would like to be a part of something big, please PM me. *Please note that you DO NOT need a capture card. We have this covered. If you can make graphics for the team that would be a huge plus. Also, this is a voluntary offer. I am not paying anyone for anything. All of us halo players want to be respected and remembered by what is left of the community. This could be your oppurtunity to make a name for yourself while growing as an editor and as a person. You may already be well established but just dont have access to anything but average footage. Look no further, we all hit insane clips, in only the best 3 halo games that were ever made. Get a hold of me.
  6. Man thats crazy. I live in Erie too. I doubt youll see this but..add me my gamertag is: Shining
  7. GT: Shining Msg for Halo 2 Classic and Team Hardcore playlists. Add for 4v4s, 1v1s and FFAs. Please be at least solid, if you have a mic that is preffered. Region: US, east coast
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