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  1. Time for 2gre, Walshy, StrongSide to unretire and drag Ogre1 back from Austrailia to take down CLG lol
  2. Is there a website that shows the week-by-week results of the pro league and the schedule? Haloesportspedia hasn't updated their website since week 2 and halowaypoint only shows the standings. This website might, but I only come every now and then and I don't want to scuffle through all the posts.
  3. GT: chaotiiic Both customs and mm I'll be playing all summer long so add me!
  4. Did you end up cutting the paddles? I have the same issue with pressing them by accident all the time. It's really the only problem I have with this controller. I just wish the paddles were as good with the scuf. I might end up cutting the long paddles as well into little squares.
  5. I would like spartan instead of commonly for this new ninj/2gre/vicx team. they need a stronger slayer
  6. Sorry if this has been brought up earlier, but why is there no losers bracket? Sucks that RNG lost a game 5 to Allegiance whereas Elevate got to play Epsilon in the first round. The prize money difference between 5-8th ($75k) and 3-4th ($250k) is huge.
  7. H1: Hardly played on LAN. Only played campaign with friends. H2: 9 H3: 7.5 Default Reach: 5 Post patch Reach: 7 H4: 3 MCC: 1 H5: 7 I'm hope more patches will make this game more enjoyable for me.
  8. Does anyone on nV stream? They are one of my favorite teams but I have no way of watching them. I literally have to check this thread to see how well they are doing in scrims.
  9. Can someone please explain how envy lost so early in the tournament? Are they not good? I wasn't able to watch the stream today
  10. Do you think the outer deadzone will effect the acceleration? I have been playing on 4 sense and 5 accel with 0% outer deadzone. But my controller just got slow turn so I put my outer deadzone to 10%. Now I've been playing with my accel back on 3
  11. Feels way slow for me. It's probably because I've never had a sensitivity under 4 before. I've always been use to 4-5.
  12. Any sensitivity under 3 is too slow. You should stick to your sensitivity you were on pre-patch and just adjust your acceleration on which ever feels best for you.
  13. It makes me pissed they released such a broken game. Whether Halo 5 was good or not, I was planning on playing H2C for years but I can't even get a match anymore. And even if there was a miracle patch that fixed everything, everyone is long gone now.
  14. So with an aim acceleration of 1, you are gradually increasing towards whatever your max aiming speed is? Isn't that bad and something you should avoid since you want to have constant aiming speed at all times.
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