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  1. heinz is that nicca too tho..gotta show love to richie he literally top 6 in the game
  2. unanimous top 4, ola, snipedown, formal and apg
  3. yeah he should but could you imagine if he actually teamed with some formidable members..he'd be a fucking problem
  4. they dont seem to be having many problems with his "too much slaying mentality" lol its a perfect fit somebodys gotta clean up
  5. im sorry but why the fuck would you base it on that? its accumulative point standings, you're severely punished for missing one event thats illogical to have a top skill rank list be affected by that in any way. PROVERB is at 6 lmao
  6. so confused by this struggle troll list
  7. ya'll have brad waaaaaay too low. you're underestimating the scarcity of his aggressive execution and how valuable it is in this era of halo and somebody plz tell me how form dog isnt the best player? im talking RIGHT NOW, not with accomplishment, or influence or past events in the criteria, but who is currently playing the most consistent, dominant halo. his snipe is GOAT ola and eric are playing amazing as well, dont get me wrong. but this isnt 08 snipedown, and it damn sure isnt 10-11' ola
  8. 4 of the top 6 honestly its disgusting and ya'll must not be on the sparty train yet haha nobody backpacks harder
  9. na i love mason too..but come on now fam lol
  10. this ambush squad has the highest amount of individual skill of any team....., maybe ever tbh only teams that are close in this regard are shoot to kill in the early days, fb 07..or that triggers team with hysteria, snipedown, and fis
  11. what's your current top 10 going into knox? 1. formal 2. apg 3. snipedown 4. ola 5. spartan 6. heinz 7. ninja 8. ryanoob 9. enable 10. gabriel
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