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  1. so does firing quickly after sprinting only apply to that pistol? if so that really sucks
  2. Where did the Halo Infinite discussion go?
  3. It would be so funny if turning off sprint was a personal toggle option like assassinations were.
  4. I personally couldn't really care about the graphical fidelity whatsoever, I really only care about how it plays, and I'm not sure what to think on that front based on what we saw yet. I'd have to wait for a demo, beta, or a multiplayer trailer to get better judgement. I'm hopeful, but I'm more optimistic than I should be based on the past 10 years.
  5. I think one of the things I'm most worried about is that whatever new mechanics (grappling hook or otherwise) they end up showing will only be demonstrated one time, so we wont really know exactly how the mechanic functions and will be left to speculate. (like if grappling gives you momentum you can use or if you can fire during it for example) I hope we get full details about whatever they throw in so we can better judge.
  6. I haven't been here in over three years and we are still arguing over Sprint. I missed this.
  7. I love how I somehow lagged out of a match, when I had no signs of lag at all, and now I get a 20 minute ban from 343. that totally makes me want to continue playing this game.
  8. wait, so does Cloud 9 really not have a team again? I haven't been paying attention the past few weeks
  9. I love how as a low diamond ranked player I'm continuously facing high Onyx players and teammates give me shit for playing bad, I've yet to face someone not ranked Onyx in ten games.
  10. I remember when I went to MLG Columbus 2012 to compete in the FFA, instead of warming up I stood behind Ogre 2's station and watched him practice for 2 hours. Worth.
  11. not sure if its been posted yet, but here's a cool interview with Victory X http://slingshotesports.com/2016/04/15/halo-cameron-victoryx-thorlakson-renegades-changes/
  12. are you telling me games of grenade hallway aren't the most competitive?
  13. not sure if its been posted yet http://espn.go.com/esports/story/_/id/15044286/interview-halo-world-champions-counter-logic-gaming-esports
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