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  1. I haven't been here in over three years and we are still arguing over Sprint. I missed this.
  2. I love how I somehow lagged out of a match, when I had no signs of lag at all, and now I get a 20 minute ban from 343. that totally makes me want to continue playing this game.
  3. wait, so does Cloud 9 really not have a team again? I haven't been paying attention the past few weeks
  4. I love how as a low diamond ranked player I'm continuously facing high Onyx players and teammates give me shit for playing bad, I've yet to face someone not ranked Onyx in ten games.
  5. I remember when I went to MLG Columbus 2012 to compete in the FFA, instead of warming up I stood behind Ogre 2's station and watched him practice for 2 hours. Worth.
  6. not sure if its been posted yet, but here's a cool interview with Victory X http://slingshotesports.com/2016/04/15/halo-cameron-victoryx-thorlakson-renegades-changes/
  7. are you telling me games of grenade hallway aren't the most competitive?
  8. not sure if its been posted yet http://espn.go.com/esports/story/_/id/15044286/interview-halo-world-champions-counter-logic-gaming-esports
  9. I think another big thing about viewership numbers is back in the Halo 2/3 days we didn't have as much viewership competition, right now we are competing for views with NA LCS for League, and Battle of the Five Gods for Smash, and probably a few other esports events as well.
  10. I'd never imagine losing a series 1-3 could be a confidence booster, but that has to feel good (at least a little bit) if you're Epsilon

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