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  1. Ugh. @@Sal1ent How is this possible? Halo 5 is going to make more money than any other Halo in history. Pair that with MCC making millions off of copies sold and consoles sold, why are you guys cutting out even MORE features? You guys are literally going backwards in 90% of what Bungie did before you. Why are things being cut, shouldn't all the hundreds of millions you are going to make be going towards a server browser, or a clan system, or a forge system that isn't going to get beat by Doom, a game that hasn't been around in a decade and has 1/20th the budget 343 has, or a system where you can host custom games from your PC and makes changes(something I was able to do ON THE FUCKING PS2 on a game called Tribes), an XP system like Halo 3 that 99% of your customers have been asking for since Halo: Reach launched half a decade ago, or armor customization that gives players incentive to play your game longer than the months it took Halo 4 to reach 25k people online? As the days go on we learned there will be no BTB at launch, something Bungie has NEVER done, no firefight, slim armor customization, and no split screen. But at least we have a new game mode called Warzone! Even with microtransactions! Hopefully Warzone will be 1/10th of the awesomeness Planetside2, a FREE game, is. Congrats on making the DLC free though. But please, can you guys maybe skip a few Hawaii vacations and not buy 3rd and 4th houses and bring back some of the "lets go above and beyond" attitude Bungie used to have?
  2. Gaming Logic of 2014, 2015, and 2016: "We feel like X ruins Y, so we going to completely ruin Y and not even include it in the fucking game". In this case, 343 probably thinks boosting ruins skilled/exp ranks, so they just won't include it at all. IMO, not including something ruins it more than a few boosters.
  3. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-06-22-destiny-the-taken-king-director-defends-40-expansion-price-tag Thoughts?
  4. Thanks for all your replies on my question guys. Appreciate it and it makes more sense now. Hopefully they are able to find that perfect balance of the individual still being powerful and the ability to perform 'reversals' if you out perform your opponent.
  5. Excuse me if this is a nooby question, but don't higher kill times mean the better play has a higher chance of winning? Look at COD, the TTK is insanely low and it just means whoever saw the other first or whoever fired first wins. In Halo 5, if I'm shooting someone in the back and they have time to turn around and fight back and kill me, they are better than me. Wouldn't faster kill times make that happen less? Let's say a gun is a 100 shot kill. Whoever wins that fight is more skilled hitting there shots over that period. Yes, my enemy could have shot me first, but I have all that time to comeback and out perform him. If a gun is a 5 shot kill, who saw who first and who fired first means a lot more. Even if I'm a more skilled play than my enemy, I don't have time to out perform him. In both scenarios, a 5 shot kill and a 100 shot kill, who saw who first and who fires first is important and gives one player the edge. But with the 100 shot kill, I have time to use my higher skill gap, and if I win, I'm that much better than my enemy. Sorry if that doesn't make sense.
  6. Is @@Batchford considered a good Halo player? Seems like he's always playing a nervous wreck misfiring his sniper everywhere
  7. Halospawns.com Last time I played on your team you spawned me bottom middle of Hang Em High over and over. That website shows you how to avoid that. Spawning is actually based on where your teammate is in Halo 1
  8. I fail to see why your controller issue would interfere with you getting caried?
  9. God damn man you care way too much about this shit. You don't have to Wikipedia and look up every word in an arguement. Twitch shooter: a game where whoever twitches the fastest wins. In COD, it's whoever sees the other person first. Arena shooter: fast paced game where who kills who is based on a lot of factors, not who twitches the fastest.
  10. Can someone explain to me why 343 needs micro transactions in order to fund HCS? Halo 4 sold 4 million copies, that is almost 1/4th of a billion dollars. Let's just say Halo 5 makes that. Why in the hell don't they put their own money towards HCS? People will basically be paying for 343s advertisement. Did they say 100% of micro transactions will go towards HCS? Did they give us any percentage? If these micro transactions make 343 $5 million dollars, you guys honestly don't believe they are going to put that towards HCS right? Big tourneys with big payouts are meant to attract new players. Usually companies pay for their own advertising right? Explain someone.
  11. It's sad that the developers are just starting to come here again when the sight of money is off in the distant furure. They talked a lot before MCC too. I wonder if they'll go silent for another half a year if Halo 5 bombs. Go ahead and neg rep me, but I won't be 343 ass kissers like you guys have become in the last month. 8 months of a broken MCC and horrible PR, then it all goes away after they talk for like 2 weeks just because their next cash cow is coming up. Fuck that
  12. You can't be serious when you say that? Look how slow midship played in Halo 5 compares to Halo 2. Now instead of fluidly moving over a power weapon and activating it as soon as you touch it, you now stop, hold down a button, and do an animation. Not to mention clambering is slower than jumping. Another big thing is how maps are almost twice as big to make up for sprint, but sprinting punishes you and makes you not want to use it. It also makes previously unescapable fights now escapable. This is going to be one of the slowest Halos ever.
  13. Most likely looking for things that they dont want to be held accountable for.
  14. It's that time of year again...when pros come out and start worshipping the next Halo game(their next job/paycheck). Here's how the pros felt about Halo 4: And we can't forget the player base that is talking the next Halo game up like it's the next Halo CE because the last Halo game was a 3/10 and a 6/10 Halo looks amazing in comparison: http://web.archive.org/web/20121109073044/http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/12q336/dear_343i# Didn't snipe down post recently he heard all this amazing news from 343 and he's on of the main guys in the youtube video hyping Halo 4 to be the most competitive Halo yet?
  15. Why the f do people think Warzone can be ranked? AI playing a large role means winning is going to be based on randomness and luck. Sure, the better players will usually win, but the worst team winning just once because of luck or randomness means ranks won't mean a whole lot... Either AI won't play a huge role in the outcome of the game...and the whole point of Warzone will be meaningless. Or AI will play a huge role in the outcome of the game...then ranks will be meaningless.

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