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  1. Its worse than waypoint. I posted that crazy bug I found yesterday and like 70% of people down voted it just because they defend 343 and want to dismiss anything negative or wrong with the game.
  2. I think they're using Construct Kings map for slayer. They probably forgot Construct has 2 maps, one for each gametype.
  3. Haha I might make some more rage tages. That stuff always happens on my stream.
  4. Since I started streaming again Im making this thread to post my stream highlights and hilarious moments. Also for any future montages I make I will post them in here as well. Enjoy!
  5. After H5 population drops I see players going back to MCC instead.
  6. Well for the community remade settings go to your nameplate - find player - killa kev z
  7. Well actually the gametypes and maps they put in hardcore yesterday had a date of 3-5-15. So they had them for almost 5 months now...
  8. Yea but I dont want to go back to choppy frames and having modders match me.
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