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  1. Thanks for the intelligent video. Well, played. However, despite agreeing with 95% of what you said, it simply doesn't allow for a differing opinion at any point........ right, right, right, I know, the whole video is YOUR opinion so why should it make room for allowances? Well, I only bring this up b/c your very public video doesn't represent all opinions on the matter. And that's really all I need to say on the subject - it doesn't matter what those opinions are jmust that b/c I play Halo and I;m a fan, it IS relevant and my opinions (and those that agree with me) should all be considered in the final Halo equation. Now, to be specific, I personally do not have a problem with radar and sprint in it's current form. Reasons: sprint does not allow for re-charging shields and the radar distance has never been so limited. Sure, it changed CQC but with the verticality in most H5 maps I think the skill gap is maintained. (takes skill to track your enemy around a multi-leveled connecting set of corners and still not get shot). Undoubtedly, Halo has changed since the H2 you mentioned in your video. We can roll with the changes and embrace them or we can get bitter an d resentful and let it ruin our day/game experience. I know what I'm choosing.
  2. Harsh, but I agree. A very emotional team. It's both their Strength and their Kryptonite. They need a new coach that is respected, experienced, assertive, yet still a grounding/calming influence when the Team is on their back and need to focus.
  3. I agree with your post..... especially these last few. I hope it sinks in...
  4. And, as the saying goes, "any publicity is Good publicity." Any way you look at it she has more exposure for herself. She will make out ahead in the end. And I don't think anyone has a solution to police a whole communities public media habits. Let's shrug it off and move to the next topic...
  5. Is anyone calling for a new coach on Renegades, yet? Seems to me they need a very vocal coach with a strong personality and a competetive resume that demands respect from the team.. #Walshy Any other suggestions?
  6. (Edit) Schedule 2016 X Games Aspen - Schedule All Times are MST Thursday 1:00 PM Doors Open to Players 3:00 PM Pregame Show 3:30 PM Group A - Team Allegiance vs. Epsilon 4:30 PM Group B - CLG vs. PENTA Sports 5:30 PM Group A - Renegades vs. Team Liquid 6:30 PM Group B - Evil Geniuses vs. Dream Team Friday 10:00 AM Doors Open to Players 12:00 PM Pregame Show 12:30 PM Group A - Renegades vs. Epsilon 1:30 PM Group B - Dream Team vs. PENTA Sports 2:30 PM Group A - Team Allegiance vs. Team Liquid 3:30 PM Group B - Evil Geniuses vs. CLG 4:30 PM Food Break 5:00 PM Group A - Team Liquid vs. Epsilon 6:00 PM Group B - Evil Geniuses vs. PENTA Sports 7:00 PM Group A - Team Allegiance vs. Renegades 8:00 PM Group B - CLG vs. Dream Team Saturday 10:00 AM Doors Open to Players 12:00 PM Pregame Show 12:30 PM Semifinal #1 2:00 PM Semifinal #2 4:00 PM Food Break 4:30 BM Bronze Medal Match 6:00 PM Gold Medal Match
  7. That's one of those things women NEVER let you forget. EVER!!! Careful, bro. Staying would be awesome but you're basically handing your wife ammunition for the future. I say, bite the bullet and go away for the weekend. Watch Xgames on Youtube or something. Feel for ya'
  8. Now this is my kind of capitalist - he'e clearly all about the $$$ but he doesn't strike me as the type to sell swamp land in Florida to gullible tourists to do it..... nor, does he sound like they type to run a company that dumps toxic waste into clean rivers to save $$$ on waste disposal..... nor, the type to sell junk stocks to retired people in order to steal their life savings. Dude has a code of ethics determined by his personal set of morals. And that's the way business should be run, in my opinion. However, if you look around, it's obviously not everyone thinks that way. In fact, I doublt it's even a majority. Sure wish it was, though. Thanks for the post. There's been a lot of bad feelings (#feelsbadman) b/c of people shrugging off ethics in the name of $$$.
  9. meh.... with respect, I think it's a natural result of cultures merging. Which is a beautiful thing, if you think about it. Would you feel the same way if you heard English/american casters using Spanish idioms/expressions or even callouts? I think it would be great. I welcome the change.
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