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  1. I believe it. This community is pretty small haha
  2. Add me.. Gt: schwickies Lets run some games.
  3. We are already friends, but lets run some games and see how things go.
  4. I'm in the same boat. Lets try running some together and if it works we have 1/2 a team. GT: Schwickies
  5. GT: Schwickies I live in West Greeley and Foco. I'm always down for LANs or online games.
  6. Veteran Halo player trying to get back into the competitive scene. Attended my first event in '03. Ideally looking to join/start a 4s team for online tournaments. I have tons of xp and game knowledge, so hit me up if you wanna run some HCS playlist, customs or really anything. GT: Schwickies
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