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  1. Matchmaking is just as bad if not worse than it always has been. I've won 2 out of my last 10 games to the same couple of to4s. I promise I won't watch worlds if the game isnt in a playable state by then. Not supporting an incompetent dev like 343 and I don't know why I have for this long.


    Come on man turn that frown upside down.  If you can't support 343 I understand but at least support Halo.  Lots of people rely on this game and it's community for more than just a paycheck.  We owe it to ourselves to see World's succeed.



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  2. I think it was only ever a pitch, and no one said it was actually happening.


    The Spielberg thing though... 


    Edit: The Spielberg TV show is apparently still happening.



    Edit2: Maybe it wasn't just a pitch? 



    I could see ms/343 using the tv series as a marketing tool leading into h6, the same way they used Hunt the Truth for H5 and Forward Unto Dawn in H4.


    Curious about the esports series.  Having Dreamhack for two pro league season finals in a row would provide a nice backdrop for the series.  If 343's marketing agenda is reaching broader audiences, Dreamhack is all too coincidental. 


    Just wish all this information wasn't so dated.  A lot can change in six months.

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  3. Y'all ban Cooper but not this clown?



    F     R     E     E     C     O     O     P     E     R


    R     R


    E            E


    E                   E


    C                         C


    O                                O


    O                                       O


    P                                              P


    E                                                     E


    R                                                            R

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  4. I play the game and enjoy it for the most part.  Just pointing out the obvious that Halo as a franchise is essentially dead and nothing is going to change that.  Everyone here acts as if taking out radar and autos is going to magically make people care about Halo again.  I got news for you, it won't.  People don't care about Halo anymore because there are so many better options out there to invest time in.


    I don't know what @@SnakeBite is talking about.  We're clearly a very positive community.   :kappa:

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