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  1. I disagree. Power weapons and power ups produce coordinated map movement. If there were no 'objectives' to work toward in a slayer match, everything would just become situational about the number of players dead. Power weapons and power ups just need to be highly balanced for slayer to work in this game or we'll continue to see snow-bally matches.
  2. Chad that was beautiful. When she says 'Don't cry, maybe they will drop Cratos' I lost it. Pnda Fan Base: What place did our new Halo team come in this weekend? Pnda Gaming:
  3. Production issues aside, when St8 won that game 5 overtime slayer and the camera shifted from the player pov to the tournament floor cam, that might have been the most hype I ever been while watching halo. That should be a standard broadcast feature at the close of every series. The fact that it was a side stage clad in chain link fencing gave it an underground fight club aura. I think they did something similar for Worlds. I recall somebody's sig is the allegiance reactions after winning both the renegades series and elevate series.
  4. "I don't run flags." -Royal2 https://clips.twitch.tv/halo/RealElephantDAESuppy
  5. Falcon Puuuuuunch https://clips.twitch.tv/halo/InnocentButterflyMau5
  6. Penguin not like this. https://clips.twitch.tv/halo/KindBearPuppeyFace
  7. He used to hang out with us, now he just hangs out with the hottest guys. #forumposterfirst
  8. Has this been posted yet? @@Naded Attenborough with the fresh nature vlog!

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