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  1. SXSW Gaming is March 16-18. The tournament stage has not been announced yet but I could see them holding an Overwatch tournament instead, given it is up for several of the sxsw gaming awards including excellence in multiplayer.
  2. $35 for 3 day general admission pass. They sold out within 4 minutes of going on sale. Don't think there were vip passes, unless you were Greenskull.
  3. I live in Los Angeles, pay too god damn much and my left testicle for rent, and I don't even want worlds to be here or anywhere near the west coast.
  4. So who has the better incubator? 2gre's Daycare Sudd Farm Team Randa
  5. @@TheSimms @@Vivi We really appreciate when you guys come in here and lay down what knowledge you have. We see you as forum posters first, esl staff second. But because you are esl staff, when you say you don't know anything, it looks like esl doesn't know anything and is just making the rules up on the fly. I know I feel confused on the rules and I'm sure there are others who just don't want to admit it. I really hope @@Timo comes in soon and clears things up. The problem is if this info isn't public, it discourages teams from competing because they don't know exactly what they're competing for. We want to know everything about how seeding will work out given the results of UGC STL, the upcoming online cups, and HCS Vegas going into the HWC Finals. This info should have been readily available before any online/lan HCS matches were played. Also where is worlds?
  6. Wake up. Doesn't see Cyren post about Halo World Championship Teams, Seeds, and Ranking Discussion Thread. Posts: Halo World Championship, Teams, Seeds, and Ranking Discussion Thread Regrets decision immediately. Hello darkness my old friend...
  7. Oh I agree, there's no need for so many power ups and weapons (including op autos). Thanks for pointing out the fault in that sentence. I shouldn't take proofreading for granite.
  8. Coordinated obviously. I just think slaying needs some context otherwise it's boring. Yes map geology and a player's positioning provides context to any matchup. But throwing in a power weapon/up adds a much more convincing narrative to the battle.

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