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  1. Did you just mistake me for @@mikeface killah ? As an aspiring meme team towel boy, I'm honored.
  2. Please ask tough questions in your interview. And let him know you are going to ask the tough questions so he doesn't run away or freeze up. Remember you can't get your ass beat through a computer.
  3. Still have to show up in person and claim your 'free' shit. You'll get a card like this...
  4. Thanks for the post and all Timo but I'm not done meming yet...
  5. You bring up a good point about the core philosophy of competitive halo. As I see it, MLG focused on growing a community of people who played the game competitively while ESL focuses on growing an audience by showcasing only the best. Open events vs. closed pro league. What MLG understood is that by having a community you inherently have an audience. MLG was also fortunate enough to be a part of such a popular game but I still think that if halo was managed with a different core philosophy (and this relies heavily on 343) this community, and therefore audience, would be much greater. Edit: Also 343 needs to deliver a complete game on launch in order to retain much of the initial population. If they could do this the competitive community would have a better shot at growth and retention.
  6. A joke: Why did 343 reduce the number of hwc finals teams from 16 to 12?
  7. Yep. Audley and I literally had the same conversation last year. Yesterday was Groundhogs Day coincidentally. And then as Moa pointed out there was some source code on the hwc ticketing website that indicated Austin may have been in consideration.
  8. It was an honor meming along side of you sir. What's Friday's theme?

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