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  1. This should be shown as a 'Halo Community Creation' during intermission periods of a Halo HCS lan broadcast.
  2. Maybe a larger topic of discussion should be the career span of halo pros and esports pros in large. Generally esports pros seem young (between 15-28? Maybe that's because video games and competitive esports are relatively new as well. But what happens 20 years down the line? Will Snipedown still be playing or is there a cut off for any and every pro? Food for thought. Edit: And I'm curious...do pros view competitive esports as a lifelong career path or have they even asked themselves these types of questions? I find this all exciting because competitive esports is relatively new and this generation is the proverbial guinea pig to test out all of these queries. Edit2: Take LOL for example, one of the largest competitive esports markets, how long can that last?
  3. Just want to interrupt for one second... https://twitter.com/Halo/status/590658339639525377 https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/4-21-15-halo-the-master-chief-collection-update-notes MCC update is live! You may now resume your regularly scheduled drama.
  4. Well then...time to sit back and soak it all in. Looking forward to a nice, long season 2. Here here to the possible end of a short lived, but enjoyable era. See you all in the future.
  5. To change the subject, is anyone else worried that HCS H2a will be too short lived for the effort that has gone into the game and competitive community? I'v really enjoyed watching competitive play without sprint/abilities. Seeing skill jumps again along with spring jumps has made for some great play to watch from a spectators point of view. Over that past half year or so I've grown to really like the h2a graphic style and mechanics. And the community that has built back up from the ashes of reach and h4 has been impressive to say the lease. I seriously feel like I'm in high school again watching it take off at an absurd pace. Will be a shame to see it start fading away after only a year once h5 comes into competitive play. Any thoughts? Think we'll get to see a season 3? Edit: To follow up halo 2, 3, and reach came out 2004, 2007, 2010 respectively which means we got to experience each title competitively for 3 years roughly before we moved on to the next. 1 year is not enough for me.
  6. twitch.tv/halo https://twitter.com/IronGamingTV/status/588055418653564928

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