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  1. If Optic wins I'll try to get lethul to hold it in the post match interview.
  2. LOL a relatively tame listen in with CP. https://clips.twitch.tv/TubularAwkwardClipsdadSaltBae
  3. You spelled out the gaseous form of water when you clearly meant to use the liquid form.
  4. Cool NV vid. Back on topic. For anyone visiting LA for the weekend. http://www.lamag.com/digestblog/100-iconic-dishes-los-angeles/ If you want a deli sandwich, head to Bay Cities in Santa Monica and order a spicy Godmother with the works. Somebody else mentioned it but aside from In-N-Out, find some good local cuisine you can't get back home.
  5. They flew you all the way to Burbank to moderate the twitch chat? See you on Saturday dude.
  6. I don't know if anyone has asked you but what does your involvement in esports look like for the future?
  7. Same one I have. Would love to find the original for a better quality head. Anyone know who took that picture or what event it came from? Also thinking of bringing back Hecz to tilt Lethul. I'll still never forget the time he grabbed the remaining wad of paper towels while I was still washing my hands at hcs oc. #neverforget Walshy pie face deal with it might be cool too. And as for assembly, I'm on top of it. Architect with lot's of cheap reprographics resources. Edit: Just browsed @@TheSimms twitter media history for the larger image. Jesus Christ man, the memes. No luck though.
  8. Does anybody have a large format image of ? You know... for science.
  9. Why isn't this information public from the start of the HWC qualifying season? This tournament is supposed to encourage and empower ALL gamers to compete, not just the 'pros'.
  10. I don't recall the points breakdown, but hypothetically, a team could have more points than the 6th qualifying team from Vegas and still not qualify for worlds by failing to get 6th or better at Vegas? And despite this flawed points system, ESL is still using it to work out seeding into groups? Wouldn't it make more sense just to use the placings from Vegas as world seeds? Or are ESL trying to place emphasis on the entire worlds qualifying competition. The latter still being stupid because of their 16,000 pro points that have nothing to do with worlds.
  11. This is exactly the problem with the HCS team. Lot's of effort with no direction. It's called effective use of time. There is a serious management issue with all of these companies.
  12. I can see why Cratos was pissed. CP placed 4th at NA regionals. None of the top 4 NA teams should be seeded into the same pool. ESL seriously needs to get their shit together. The organization and management in that company are awful. No clue how to structure and promote the HCS.
  13. Reminder: I assume they are referring to twitch.tv/esl_halo ? or maybe twitch.tv/halo ? Not a very clear tweet. Or are they going to tweet the groups out two teams at a time every 30 mintues like they did last year because that was just...special.

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