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  1. I remember that Winterfox team splitting on bad terms but if it's all water under the bridge I'd enjoying seeing a ryanoob or cntra duo again. Obviously the only reason this team fell apart was because they changed their name from Team Randa to Winterfox.
  2. The old medals also showed up when the play happened. When the h5 medals don't immediately pop up and casters can't tell if the player was credited for a double kill or a triple kill I cringe every time.
  3. "You would be able to see our agenda if you had promethean vision." -343
  4. From ESL regarding Dreamhack. http://pro.eslgaming.com/halo/proleague/news/the-halo-championship-series-pro-league-returns-with-two-more-season-in-2017/ I suppose for a pro league that has felt relatively exclusive in the past two seasons, this isn't a bad format. An open bracket funneling the top 2 teams into the champ bracket for both a shot at that season's finals as well as inclusion into the next season's pro league provides decent incentive. However, I'd rather just have more frequent open events where there is no exclusive champ bracket. Not that it is likely to ever happen but I appreciate the possibility of the top 8 in a bracket being filled out by 'am' teams. Each team has to prove themselves every single lan.
  5. @@NavG123 you beautiful bastard. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/6293nn/on_halo_world_championship_2017_finals/dfktd1m/
  6. 7.9 million halo esports enthusiasts. 13 million hwc unique viewers.
  7. I don't think ESL actually worked to get Pnda/CP a pro league spot. I think Cratos/Showtime found a loophole in the league rules, exploited it, and let MM threaten legal action if the ruling was not upheld. In Flizzy's interview with the 6'-4" fully tatted boy genius CEO, he mentioned US org/player contracts taking legal precedent over ESL's foreign (German?) league contracts/rules. I don't think ESL assisted in the ruling, I think they just got bent over and fucked and didn't want to disclose the shameful details publicly. Wish we had more info on this but I get the feeling that MM bullies it's way to favorable results. Awesome! s/
  8. I'm fine with 343/ESL taking the time to craft a very carefully worded statement. They've already shown what poor planning gets them. The immediate community and the gaming sphere at large is ready to burst over a half-assed, deflated apology.
  9. Except for the Timo/Simms pro league fall finals announcement of Dreamhack, it amazes me that 343 have failed to capitalize on the consolidated viewership at the end of each major event stream to release new information and get the masses something to be excited about. I saw it toward the end of the last thread but somebody basically asked, 'So...what do we talk about now?' Even if they don't have any more info beyond Dreamhack, just remind the audience of that. There were way more viewers for worlds than fall season finals. Keep advertising the damn intel. Despite GrimBrotherOne's comment about booking your ticket now for 2018 during a stream down time halo fest vid, I'm not certain we're going to get a Worlds 2018 unless both Dreamhacks are a major success in gaining new sponsors. Worlds Observations Forget about the lackluster atmosphere of the halo fest. I didn't show up to chow down on food truck grub while getting face painted by the 343 art directors. I could give fuck all about balloons or signs. I showed up to watch halo and make the spectating experience as exciting for the players as their gameplay is for us. The biggest injustice of the entire weekend was relegating spectators to an auxiliary tent because the main stage could only support about 100-115 people plus event staff. People paid actual money to watch a twitch broadcast on a super large, yet glitchy screen. I nearly missed on watching the event myself. Fortunately because MatClan purchased a legendary pass, they let me in with him to sit in the front row until other legendary pass purchasers or invited guest showed up to claim the spots (which luckily never happened). Everyone involved is deserving of a large live audience and everyone attending deserves to watch halo in person, not in a tent 200 feet away.

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