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  1. I just can't believe they would flush their whole halo esports history down the drain.
  2. Thank you @@Tashi and 343 team for listening to this community!
  3. And ruin that little girl's Quinceañera? No sir, there was already enough disappointment that weekend.
  4. Lol, Z showed up at the end just to take that sign. Edit: But I'll gladly welcome your sympathy.
  5. Hello Gents. Sorry I've been away for a while. Between work and dad life, it's been a really busy year. But I have managed to at least pop in from time to time and upvote some dank memes. Thanks for those and keep em' coming. Anyway... I had a dinner party with some friends this weekend and two of the girls I invited happened to find the spinning head from worlds. Fun times ensued and pictures were taken. @@TheSimms you dog you.

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