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  1. First Halo: Halo 1 Favorite Halo: Halo 3 First Competitive Halo: Watched Halo 2. First Played Online Halo 3 Least Played Halo: Halo 4 Favorite Gun: H2 BR Favorite Map: Midship Favorite Pro: Walshy
  2. Playing H5 for the first time in months and Fissure is the worst map ever IMO
  3. Do they not see the fall in population and community after Halo 3 or even Reach? H3 held over 300k players daily for over 3+ years. You don't see that now.
  4. It was the first time since I got my PC to come home from my shitty midnight shift job to play Halo on it. Hopefully as a community we can finally band together and get change.
  5. I understand what they want to protect, but when their own Dev can't make a working game at all I don't understand why they are pissed off. If 343i and M$ ever make a classic halo experience on PC it better be perfect.
  6. What's up people. I'm planning on playing this game for the long haul. If anyone would like to party up or just hang around here is my discord just Halo and Halo Online. All is welcome just dont be toxic lol https://discord.gg/G3GhAPs
  7. I only talk on this forum once in awhile but I have one thing to say. 343 is dogshit and I hate seeing a game franchise I used to love being tossed in the trash. Thousands of hours into Halos 1, 2 and 3 and this is what we get? 343 have fucked up every game they have made and I'm not going to be surprised when Halo 6 is trash as well. Bring back classic Halo game play and you have your community back
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