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  1. Obviously when you are stomping everyone at nearly every tourney that is going to be pretty fun.
  2. Not fired.. They had to go back to school; they were highschool interns.
  3. h1: 10 H2: 5 H3: 3 Halo wars: 7 Reach: 2 H4: 1 H5: 5
  4. Isn't it obvious. I am saying I do not work there so I cannot possibly know what exactly their role is as opposed to pretending I know what is going on in the inside. I don't know if they had a lot, none, or some impact. But you seem to think you do.
  5. Exactly. Either it is PR move and the pros have no say, or are ignored. Or the pros are not pounding their fists on the table, being a passive, poor employee allowing competitive mistakes survive in projects. Or the pros don't have a clue about designing competitive gameplay.
  6. Nope. I don't work there, neither do you. You assume a lot.
  7. How do you know this is how it goes down? That their say is limited to a yes/no, that their brains aren't picked by the devs, that they don't sit down show and explain to devs what worked and didn't in old halos?
  8. Growing up on goldeneye and perfect dark I became an excellent screen watcher which was great for lanning halo 1. However as I have lanned less and less I noticed this skill has gotten much worse.
  9. Yes this is why they result in a faster accurate ranking of players. In all cases wins and losses matter but the trueskill and elo determine the quality of win by looking at opponents rank. Without that a ranking system is prone to dodging where players only play when the competition online is weak since quality of opponents does not affect them. This is just implementation. You could do the same thing with ELO or trueskill. Just match the first match against the middle 50 percentile. (also for clarification 1-50 is not the trueskill system but an arbitrary numbering system placed on top of it based off the trueskill rating system) KDA is horrible metric. If a rating/matching system is effective k/d of all players should migrate toward 1.0 for all players (except the best and worst) as they play enough games and if k/d was the only responsible factor for determining games. Clearly it isn't. It encourages poor play, and shitty games.
  10. It's funny that people still don't realize this. Seems to me that for some the fact they are matching worse players is not good enough. Those -20 losers are scrubs that need to know their bad by having their pictures demoted and someone should send them a post card with the notice of deranking telling them how much they suck.
  11. Wins and losses is the only thing that matters in the trueskill system, zero sum, or elo system. Given enough games the ranking of players by a trueskill, zero sum, or elo system will all be identical! The only difference is how many games it took to get to that result, with elo getting there faster than a zero-sum, and trueskill even faster. Advocating for zero-sum system is simply advocating a slower (archaic) acting ranking system.
  12. The trueskill system is mathematically superior to ELO. Halo3 used the trueskill system to match players and it worked well (besides people purposely tanking accounts to game the system). The only problem was the arbitrariness of assigning 1-50 to the hidden trueskill ratings, if they ranked the top 10k players by actual ranking (#1-10,000) it would have been much better than just giving everyone above a certain trueskill rating the same rank. To prevent the gaming of the ranking system by people tanking accounts, imo, the way to do it is use the SC2 system where you receive a rank for each team combination you play with. For example if I decide to play with A, B, and C. We play our placement matches and all receive the same rank, say bronze. Then if I play with A, B, and D. After placement matches we all receive same rank, say diamond. So I now have both a diamond and bronze 4v4 ranking albeit with 2 different teams that are unaffected by one another. To do this effectively they need a 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 team playlist and a 4v4 loner playlist (party size = 1).
  13. Voted for Last of Us, never played it but I assume it couldn't be worse than H3.
  14. If I go 5-2 for a 2.5 K/D because I camped around corners with shotguns and smgs, but we lost by 30 because we had less people to control the map I should be rewarded?
  15. No it's all about that K/D, got to camp around corners with shotguns to prove to everyone you are a great player.
  16. I did some looks at it with stats from you, me, ogre2, and snipedown. Unfortunately the weapon breakdown is not by playlist, so if you play a non-negligible amount of swat/ffa/breakout then it pollutes the numbers. In this regard, Ogre 2's seems the least influenced by this as he has negligible games in these other playlists. For the shots landed per kill and shots fired per kill stats for the BR I divided the number by 3 to represent the number of bursts per kill as shots counts the individual bullets. If I had a number for the time/shot for each weapon I could translate these into average kill times for shots landed and shots fired metrics. I would say based on the headshot % and the shots landed/kill and shots fired/kill it looks to me that BR is far easier to kill with than the pistol, but hard to say conclusively based on the limited data and missing timing numbers.
  17. What is % headshot kills for each weapon? (headshots/kills) Or another way to evaluate this is do a ballpark average ttk for each weapon. It will be ballpark because not every kill is unassisted (probably more skewed by better teams). Average weapon ttk = [(headshot kills)*(weapon headshot ttk) + (non-headshot kills)*(weapon non-headshot ttk)] / [total weapon kills]
  18. One possible explanation is that people tend to engage in longer distance shots with BR/DMR bringing down their accuracy percentage numbers compared to the range they are using the pistol. My feeling/recollection of my own play says in pistol vs BR battles, the one holding the BR usually wins. Whether this is psychological or reality I am not sure.
  19. Nading power weapons - that is a perfect example of accidental design. Not purposeful design intents of competitive gameplay.
  20. Regardless if there was one soul there that had an eye for competitive gameplay (which I highly doubt the intricacies of h1 were all by purposeful design), the main point is that Bungie made a conscience intentional decision to move away from that type of gameplay. Some people seem to be making Bungie to be some sort of competitive masterminds, when that is far from the truth. 343 has done no favors, but each Bungie iteration was purposeful steps in the wrong direction (and a similar direction to the current sandbox gameplay that 343 is going for).
  21. Yes imo it should be like SC2 where your rank for each team combination is different. I.E. I could be silver in team arena with friends a,b,c and also be diamond with friends d,f,e.
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