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  1. Hey guys! We are at 90% on our kill commendations for the Achilles Helmet! We really need help with the Warzone part of the grind. I cleared out 12 inactive players and looking to fill their spots with 12 more players. We are looking for people who like to grind warzone and can really help us out in that field. If you think you can fill the roll and WANT Achilles Helmet then please apply to https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/crazys I will be looking into each players profile before Accepting or Declining the join request! Thank you guys so much!
  2. Hey guys! We are at 70 super active players in our spartan company and looking for 30 more! Go ahead and apply at https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/crazys if you are a VERY active player. We are making quick progress! Thank you <3
  3. Hey guys! I am looking for some SERIOUS Halo 5 grinders. We are working hard trying to get that new Achilles gear. I have room for about 40 more members. Thank you guys in advance! https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/crazys
  4. Hey guys! Here is my First Halo 5 montage https://youtu.be/4JhbT1zPO7w?list=PLKdXlGzJl-Xpx808IzQr3rFKneP8DTNRY If you have made one post it! I wanna see it
  5. Tell me what you guys think.
  6. www.twitch.tv/crazymiller I am a consistent streamer who streams from 11-5pm EST every weekday. Always on time, right at 11am.
  7. Hey Guys! So I spent some time in Sony Vegas 13 making myself a montage, It was my first time using the program so I didn't do anything fancy, but here's the montage. Let me know what you guys think!
  8. Hey guys! I'm going to be hosting a Halo MichiLAN at my place on August 22nd 2015. If anyone is interested in watching it I will be streaming it live on my twitch channel. (http://Twitch.tv/crazymiller) Also I have made a YouTube video talking about different things coming up and what my plans are for my twitch and upcoming Halo events! (https://youtu.be/N7Gt1bjceRw) Thanks guys! If you live in Michigan and want to attend or spectate just DM me on twitter (https://twitter.com/CrazyMillerGame)
  9. Hey guys. Me and BickleNades are starting a team. We live 15 mins apart so we LAN and play. We are 100% going to Indy and need solid players pref with LAN experience. We will be lanning tonight (Friday May 22nd) if anyone wants to play hmu. Or any days following hmu to run games. GT - Crazymiller HCS Twitter - @Crazymillergame
  10. Hey guys. Some may know me as the streamer who wears the master chief helmet. Some may not know me at all. Very passionate halo player playing since system link on the original Xbox. I'm looking to join a Team of 3 or a Team of 2 to roll with. Serious people only, I would like to practice/scrim daily. I can be on at whatever time except 2am-11am EST because I work. I have LAN experience, great communication, and a positive attitude. Hit me up on here, Twitter @CrazyMillerGame or Xbox GT: CrazyMiller HCS
  11. Want it more than anything. Can run games whenever. Already took off work for INDY and don't work weekends for the tourneys. Hit me up. @CrazyMillerGame on Twitter or GT CrazyMiller HCS
  12. Hey guys, me and Bickel Nades are 2 players from Michigan within 15 minutes. We will be running games daily from 11am-5pm from my house right next to each other. We will be practicing for HCS Indy and other tournaments to come (Cups and more). We are 2 solid OBJ/Support players with the ability to slay. We are looking for 2 solid Slayers to finish off our team who can run those times. Hit me up on Twitter or message me on here. @Crazymillergame is my Twitter. It's open to any DM. Thanks!
  13. Bump. Michigan players are the best.
  14. Hey everyone. I'm a Free Agent going to INDY no matter what. I took Friday and Monday off work n don't work weekends. I usually game 11am-5pm EST every weekday. If I get a team I can be flexible with my schedule to coordinate with the team. I consider myself a huge support player, I'm smart and know my positioning. Message me here, or on any of my other connections. Twitch- twitch.tv/Crazymiller Twitter- @Crazymillergame XBL GT- CrazyMiller HCS
  15. Hey guys, looking for a very specific teammate/team to play with. I play every weekday from 11am-5pm EST. Very solid consistent player looking to find a group to run matchmaking for now and if we click get toward HCS. I am going to HCS INDY so looking for people to play in it with. GT: Crazymiller HCS Looking for HCS/ Matchmaking Team Region: US/Michigan

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