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  1. So I've been away from TB for awhile, not HCS, just the forums. But HWC '17 had me excited once again, so I thought I'd see where the conversation was. It took only as long as browsing through this super fresh thread, to remind myself why I haven't been back. Too many vocal posters are far too negative. The ragging of 343, of pro players, and pro league organizers turns me off. I don't know if I'm alone in this. I don't know if admins can track people who come and stay or people who stay away period, but in my opinion bringing some positivity to the game would go a long way. As one of the mods pointed out a few pages back, there were positive changes made to settings, many quickly jumped on the one golden calf missing and forgot about the good. My constructive criticism for the night. Peace and love and Halo.
  2. Compared to OG breakout, where you actually have a chance out shoot someone, yes. People love the mag. Radars in every other playlist, not a big deal. Shotgun's an interesting play, but I thought it played pretty well. Please go S. A D.
  3. New Breakout is so much better than old breakout. High bar, I know. I played the 10 to place and really enjoyed having individual skill back in. The flag pull to your base seems to work well to make sure there are no ties.
  4. Str8 Sick for any of these potential 4ths for Optic. Who the heck is running this team? Barrel.
  5. Please let Optic win, I can't watch these snipe whiffs any longer.
  6. Did platinum players replace all of RNG? What were they doing? Falling into bottom mid, feeding a shotgun... wtf. RNG = Dumpster Fire.
  7. You can download them from the Xbox app in windows 10 too. P.S. staying on topic .. Team changes and stuff. Okay, what dream 4 players could actually end up matching equally with CLG? I can't think of any.
  8. Personally I think this new Allegiance team will be an easy team to root against. Divas, all of em!
  9. I'm thinking the overtime rules will get a look at, these full replays can't be good for viewers.
  10. I assume they'll switch in and out. They actually are doing pretty well today, imo.
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