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  1. No Sprint but have the boost I don't think would be bad. Can they also turn off ground pound and shoulder thrust then to?
  2. Played a game the other day. Dammy was chose. Some how battle creak loads up. The whole map was white. Only texture on map was inside the bases. And all players were affected lol. Wtf?
  3. Ohhh right right. Dammit I was excited for a second lol
  4. What was that beaver creek map right in the beginning? Right after haven. Something I don't know about?
  5. I'm interested depending on when you guys play. Hit me up ShadXw H1 is my tag
  6. Hey guys I'm pretty decent looking to play with guys that know what there doing. Feel free to add me ShadXw H1
  7. Looking to play with good players. Gt is ShadXw H1 I'm pretty decent. Check my clips
  8. Allentown PA. Gt is ShadXw H1
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