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  1. I don't know if anyone here watches wrestling, but Halo got a little love from none other than Adam Cole, bay bay.
  2. Bitch that phrase don't make no sense. Why can't fruit be compared?
  3. Except it was your takeaway. They said it was called the royale with cheese in France, not every country on the metric system. That was your assumption.
  4. I think he gives a sweatband to every sub. His dad knows a guy or has some kind of sweatband hookup, iirc.
  5. Ever since his popularity started grow when he was playing Pubg he's been encouraging halo pros to reach out and expand their audiences. He seems to genuinely want to see them succeed and I imagine if they asked he would do whatever he could to help them.
  6. Probably scheduling conflicts with his Pubg duties. I refuse to believe he was left off intentionally.
  7. Doesn't really seem like strongside or barvo have offers. Barvo said he's taking time with his family and strongside said something about taking a break. I get that people move on but this feels very much like a warning sign. But I'm a pessimist so maybe I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong.
  8. No Lunchbox next season, confirmed by APG in Frostys chat. https://imgur.com/a/hBv9sso
  9. 1 slayer game per series. Game 1 slayer than obj for the rest.
  10. Bless you sir. I didn't want to be that guy so I'm glad you did. Tenant/renters insurance is key. Not sure if it's the same in the US but in Canada if you get belongings stolen out of your car it's covered under your home/tenant insurance. Also covers your belongings when temporarily removed anywhere in the world so if your laptop gets stolen while on vacation you can have it replaced. Insurance is a major key and it's sooo cheap @@Noodle.
  11. God I can't wait to play your game. If it's half as good as you are confident, it's going to be amazing. Also I like day drunk Multi. He's brash and sassy.
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