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  1. GT: Ceeejus I've been playing Halo since the series released and have a lot of familiarity she experience with the game. I've played in a few tournaments here and there, but not much LAN experience with this game. However I'm not new to the competitive scene, as I was a pro in Rainbow Six when it was popular. I'm now trying the same for Halo, and I am looking for a chance wherever I can get it.
  2. I'm interested if you haven't found anyone. I'm from Delaware and play nearly every night. GT is Ceeejus if you want to hit me up
  3. I used to play awhile back, and I'm looking to get back into halo. A little rusty, but Im getting my feet back under me and would love to compete. If you wanna start something or run some games msg me GT - KILLCeeJ
  4. GT - KILLCeeJ Wilmington, Delaware
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