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  1. if i could get the gametype from someone i'd be willing to run customs one night. bc we need the 4sk and no sprint in the same gametype. ideally we would also edit the shield recharge rate etc so it plays even more like h2/h3 but those can be done from the gametype edit screen.
  2. my GT is Ravengeance. if you play no sprint feel free to please invite me. unrelated the top halo 4 streamers right now are playing halo 3, halo 3, and league of legends. halo is dad.
  3. So I check the streams on teambeyond and under halo streams lately I've seen people like Maven, Formal, Lethul, etc. But they are all playing counter strike. Now I'm not sure if it is the streamer still has their twitch set to display playing halo 4 if beyond just always shows halo streamers or what but I think people could take the 5 seconds to rectify this.
  4. The 2 best of 5's is an awful idea. It is possible that the two teams in the finals could each win 5 games against each other and one team be declared the victor.
  5. Halo 3 settings 'Copy' go into Halo 4 'Paste'. BR starts, problem solved.
  6. This just further proves halo is too similar to CoD. dropping a grenade upon death = martyrdom. and the beeping is like the heartbeat sensor in cod as well. shield indicator has potential for like a mini game or action sack playlist, but has no place in matchmaking outside of that.
  7. Map:The Pit Gametype: CTF (BR starts) Weapon: BR Playlist: H3 Team Hardcore Though my fondest memories are Big Team CTF on Lan in the old days on maps like Sidewinder or Sandtrap. #elephantwars
  8. the events need to grow. increased prize amounts for top 3 won't do that. with 6 teams getting paid it will keep those 2nd tier teams coming. that way pros and semi pros that stream and get viewers will be making every event and not just every other event. it's about the viewers. more competition is better for the viewership. and when Diesel inevitably says ambush needs more money just ignore him Kappa.
  9. i seriously didn't know it was in use at all. that's awesome. i fear it would be too small for 4v4. just so many kills would be shot in the back . i think if you expanded that map a little it could be 4v4. idk why landfall is in doubles in MM at all and they don't use fallout g.
  10. i actually do really like the flagnum, however i still think flag juggling was better. especially with sprint in the game. bc in say halo 3 if the opposing team was all dead you could move at relatively the same speed flag juggling and easily cap. in halo 4 if they are all dead and you have the flag you can't sprint. but your enemies can sprint. so they can easily spawn, sprint, and catch up to you. and obviously auto pick-up is annoying
  11. Fallout G is a solid map forged out of Landfall. i think that has some potential.
  12. i really don't think we will see no sprint in halo 4. my guess for halo 5 is they make sprint an AA again. i just really want a no sprint gametype for slayer and for flag, so at the very least i can play it in customs.
  13. GT: Endezeichen both throwdown and customs i'm good not great i'll play forged maps if you wanna test them. i forge so i've got maps to test out too
  14. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/endezeichen/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=bdb1557e-50df-468d-8a5b-e8b07394d860 I went ahead and moved one sniper to yellow sticks, and OS to green sticks. i left ring 2 as is, i couldn't decide anything good to put there. i did contemplate frags, moving the dmr from gold sticks or throwing another br there but just left it as is.
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