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  1. It seems as if they are aiming to make play much less centered on Automatic weapons, which is great. I wouldn't mind seeing the storm rifles out of arena at all and isolated to Warzone. Most of these look good/decent and will change the meta of maps with stronghold placement and give some more variety. Side note, what the heck is going on with Fathom, though? I thought CTF played great with the default settings of power weapons/ups. Removing those tree-house Storm Rifles and it would be good to go, IMO.
  2. I like in South Williamson/Belfry, Kentucky. My GT is AA25 Mamba. If any of you want to look me up, I play Halo consistently.
  3. Hey, everyone. I've been getting into the competitive Halo scene for a while now, and I was looking for a quality Halo community, so I decided to register after reading topics for some time. I look forward to taking part in discussions and meeting new people.
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