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  1. Lmao. Were still only playing 3 gametypes in H5 after a year. This game has more problems than one in specific.
  2. Oh snap. I guess the custom game variants get updated along side the matchmaking playlists. Cool thanks man!
  3. Dont think so. the rigs default doesnt have a Song of peace suppressor nor a rail gun. I know Regret and truth have gone through some changes also.
  4. Hello, was hoping someone can direct me to where i can download the HCS settings for custom games.
  5. I feel like BR starts would solve a lot in the "Autos too good" debate. Halo 5 is extremely well balanced imo. Auto's win up close, like theyre supposed to. Pistol is a great utility weapon that doesnt overpower or underperform. Adding quicker/more bloom on Autos is the best way to go imo
  6. Well, not for arena. But i honestly like the idea of armor abilities. Or at least equipment. I would like sprint to stay a function in things like warzone, campaign, firefight, possibly btb. But competitive Halo with no sprint just feels so damn good.
  7. In a great game thats bogged down by insanely stupid design choices, this has to be downright the WORST FFA in any Halo by far. The infuriating amount of storm rifles they place on maps like riptide only add to this ailment.
  8. Awesome. Thanks you guys. I know reach dmr is more innacurate, i just feel like the comparisons are def there. Since launch ive heard about the terrible CE port on MCC so its got to be that.
  9. Does holding the trigger make it less accurate? Compared to tapping? And yeah im playing on MCC and its extremely unreliable. But still the best weapon.
  10. One of the reasons competitive players denied Reach was because of the inconsistencys of Bloom. A person controlling their shots could be out shot by someone spamming theirs, which led to too many infuriating losses. But CE's pistol feels wildy innacurate, even if you paced shots. So why did Reach get bloom hate but not CE?
  11. With Xfinity sponsoring the HCS, i was wondering if anyone could confirm the quality of their $60 a month plan. Im gearing up to dive into the competitive scene for Halo and Gears so i want to know what the best internet to go with is.
  12. I think all armoe abilities shouod come back. But keep them the hell out of competitive play. I want the sprint button to return to the armor ability button.
  13. Oi vei. I will still hold onto some faith haha!! I'll show those nerds
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