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  1. Elevate changed? Randa is streaming ( )%C2"> it's him Heinz, Danoxide and Swift Kill. I thought rosters locked? Did I miss something?
  2. Randa's team (Randa, Hysteria, Heinz, Aries) are scrimming E6. Come watch https://www.twitch.tv/randa
  3. From everything I understand ALG was/is a great org. I'm happy he's getting exposure to an already large fan base, it will help him build his personal brand and bring more content to halo!
  4. Any news on Hysteria? I hope he gets on the team with Heinz, VicX and Ninj. Or maybe nV with Ola, Mikwen, and Rayne.
  5. I think Danoxide has a ton of potential. I'm excited to see where his career goes from here. But I don't necessarily disagree with you. I don't think it's about skill though. I think it's rarely about skill. More about fit. I love the Cloud and Hysteria duo though, and as much as I'd love Hysteria to EG my #2 thing would be those two looking for two more.
  6. Hysteria needs a top team. Dude is really, really good at H5. Don't have time to look through all the replies (I'm a few hundred behind) but I hope some people have noticed that. I think him to EG, assuming personalities mesh, would be able to compete with CLG. Lose a slayer in Lethul, gain one in Hysteria. Plus he's aggressive. I've always seen him play as if his teammates were in perfect positions, being with 3 smart savvy veteran players in LBX, Roy, and Sdown would give him a chance to show that he has some insane individual skill. Don't like seeing him not succeed.
  7. Hope this isn't a troll. Want to see T2 compete with real players haha
  8. Really don't want to see Hysteria without a good team come tomorrow.
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