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  1. http://oddshot.tv/shot/lxthul-2016041222318455 I thought Lxthul's reaction was hilarious
  2. I come here for the dank memes. so far the Troy and Ferris Bueller memes have me crying!
  3. Soooo why is everyone running back (Ace, Stellur) to Optic? Flame and Maniac are still bad at the pro level..
  4. but then the COD kids would comment on halo.. and it is already bad enough haha
  5. he seriously has the itch man. he played it for like 9 hours the other day, and he kept saying "one more game" after every single one. I like this !
  6. http://oddshot.tv/shot/ninja-201602035152355 just a no scope the people deserve.. but not the one optic wants to see right now
  7. um, i only hope optic makes it so it will help the viewership!
  8. So it seems that Flame has come down to believe the motto "new game new pros"
  9. I am hoping for Seattle so I can go !! Edit: and in my opinion Optic with these long hours doesn't matter if they aren't playing good halo. Bad practice means bad games.
  10. So why is Quinn so salty? Every chance he gets he bashes the pros and people that want changes to the game or playlists. But asking for a HWC playlist shouldn't be that big of a deal since they just tried to help the pros find more games with the changes to the matchmaking..
  11. So it's pretty awesome seeng MLG take care of all the pros that are stuck in Aspen cause of the weather! Some are extending their condo stays or helping them get flights. Good to see MLG back
  12. I figured this was going to make it here. Be respectful the rest of the forum.
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