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  1. Quin offered, and he declined..sorry but the blame still goes on Ghost, don't try and back him up..we know he means the community good, but his voice isn't that deep to be heard like others, but I just don't believe he has what it takes to be that "person". In the end, it doesn't really matter..My controller is hung up from competitive gaming for now, was fun while it lasted. I'm not wasting my time where my hopes will be crushed..which means no more dissappointments for me. :frankerz: enemy out.
  2. Ghost, I hate to say it..but you should've listened to the community about sprint. I have not played since June once you said it wasn't coming out..It's not because of sprint, it's just the game itself..and it will never be the same, so I gave up all my hopes and dreams of it going back to the game that I use to love. I hate to say it, but now you guys are eating it. It was a fun ride, I'll be awaiting for Halo 5, I guess.
  3. nah. i have spare pair of turtles, they are old if you need em. i got you bro
  4. I think I had a class with her, didn't her last name start with a M? Don't wanna post too much, because its personal info!
  5. Weiiird man. We may know each other, I'm Cody McDaniel.. I graduated in 2010.
  6. dude you're not far at all. ughs wolverines haha. whats your name? it'd be weird if we knew each other.
  7. I stepped away from the halo scene for a few weeks, now I'm back what's been going on? can someone fill me in?
  8. woah really? didn't know you lived that close to me. i'm off daily mill/jonesboro rd...just moved here a couple months ago
  9. yea, i live in henry county. i remember checking the GA thread on MLG and I think it was you that said they lived closed to mcdonough area?
  10. did you ever wonder if the creators/producers of this show ever thought about actually making meth in their chem labs at school?
  11. RedBull. Who cares who you go with, as long as they are a :goat: ?
  12. eh, i don't really care about host/not host. i feel that i play better off host because i'm use to it during the old 'golden' days when you actually needed it more than you do now to get wins.
  13. i just watched that, and i must say thats kinda interesting. but oh well, it's ova now..lets blow some o'z
  14. Most people are still looking forward to Destiny. I was, but I remembered who ruined one of the best franchises out there, and it looks like 343 was left with the blame, and everyone forgot what Bungie did to 'Halo'.
  15. i remember always playing you in MLG playlists..i think we ran a few times together with xer0/jake
  16. if you've got the swishas, i got the bud. come over
  17. you're DXKnight correcto? if so i believe we live in/around the same area.
  18. Damn, I love Maven. He's probably my favorite person in the community to watch play random games. :maven: = :goat:
  19. To be honest I put most of my blame on Bungie. Which isn't probably fair, but they did hype up Reach sososo much...for such low expectations.
  20. Enemy

    NBA Thread

    oh it sucks being a celtics fan, see you all in about 5 years when the dynasty is rebuilt
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