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  1. Nice try Karma, but for real tho, there are magic in trees.
  2. My buddy Westify was lucky enough to grab a Stryder burn card. He finished the game with 24 pilot kills.
  3. If I could take a drug that would put me to sleep until March 11th I would without hesitation. This game is going to be huge.
  4. I agree with you, I do not want to play the same maps for 5 years in a row.. Simple, original, clean and playable maps are what I want to see.
  5. I do Right Trigger presses until failure. Then alternate to Left Trigger presses. I finish with Ogre twitches for 5min in each direction.
  6. We need more old maps for sure. Like who wants to enjoy something original? Not us.
  7. If your going in solo you might as well break your disc in half and cut your wrists down the road.. for fucks sake.
  8. Visual Communications because I get a hard on when I see design.
  9. I have stuck with Halo because...wait....now that I think about it........I dont know why...AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT DOES NOT KNOW WHY??
  10. Halo...bomb ass campaign....25k population.. Campaign in any gave i've ever played hasn't kept my attention for at least a week or so..Or until I beat it on the hardest difficulty.. If you look at any eSports title or game, the competitive scene is the only thing that keeps the general population around..You dont see League of Legends LORE NIGHTS on twitch.tv do you?
  11. The steam sale for this game will drop sometime July 2014
  12. The video takes place in Beta. But the game releases in 6hrs!
  13. Am I really the only one who would like to see him qualify, only get smashed into oblivion by OLA at the championships?
  14. Why did 343 completely ruin capture the flag. I just can not believe it. Who thought that not having the ability to drop the flag was an amazing idea. And better yet put an indicator over there slow moving self that basically says "HEY IM RIGHT HERE KILL ME" damn..end rant.

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